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3DXChat Birthday Party


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Happy Birthday 3DXChat Community :wub:
Was 3 years full up and downs, needed and unneeded discussions, a lot awesome updates, parties and meeting.
Last but not least we are all one community and I looking forward to the next 3 Years :)


/me will check the meta data if it is really live muuuuuaaaaahhhhh ;)

BTW Happy Birthday 3DX :)

Let me know if you need the link to the server index page :lol:

I want to safe your time because you have then more time to enjoy the party and you didn't need to use between your Resources Monitor ^^


If you safe the Mata Datas in a line and you put this line later in Google is it very helpful :)  ^_^ 

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starting speculating 

i wish us an mary christ....ups shit nooo,not yet


hmm an special location for sexual phantasies ??


or an supermarket with fresh vegetables... :wub:

or something similar like Kitkat  :blink:


mh for me it looks like a castle or an opera  i can see candels lights through windows  terrace ...mmh like in the movie "eyes wild shut" mhhhhh

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