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Don't you think sound/voice revamp would be cool to the game?

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One thing i think would add a very nice and personailsed experience, also easy to make is a sound revamp for the game. I mean selectable different types of moans, little phrases, etc.

What's you opinion about it Gizmo? We have the same sounds since 2012, so more than 10 years now. I see a lot of potential in this neglected part of the game, also a lot of potential to involve players into making sounds/voice packs.

I'm not a dev nor a programmer, but i could easily make a little addon to change the moans in the game back some years ago, and i can tell it provided a whole new level of experience. Sadly do to my programming knowledge and complicated multiplayer options, i abandoned that project, thinking it will come to the game also sooner or later.

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There's a little trick on sound revamp in some other game is make some sample sounds, with different tones, then raise/lower pitch it by a slider. As long as the pitch is under control( which meant characters can't sound like squirrels or moyai statues)... it could be easy to apply and modify...?

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I would really support this idea of variations in the moaning characteristics and intensity, thank you Wizard for the idea and Gizmo for keeping it in mind 😊 (although I'm not competent at all to know what is feasible - I'm a poor silly blond girl 🤣)

For the little phrases suggested by Wizard, it could be nice to have them duplicated in various languages (on my side, according the partners, i can use French, English or Spanish)

Nice Sunday to you all


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I would love to be able to chose a voice of moans and maybe have more than one moan button - to be able to moan more or less louder, moan of pleasure, moan of pain too.

But without "little phrases" please. We have chat for phrases and hearing same few prerecorded phrases will be exciting only few dozens of times maybe. After that it will become a cringe. 

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