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Add a "last login" to profiles

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It would be nice to see when people last logged in so you can thin out your friends list time to time. If it's under 24 hours then had how many hours. If it's under a week then show how many days. Under a month show how many weeks. Under a year then how many months. Would be nice to know who's not active or who I'm just crossing paths with. 

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Or which are not here to explain themself and don't wanna feel stalked...
I also could say "only people who love to stalk would like this idea" but to argue like that would be full nonsense, too.
A friend list you don't sort by last login, you sort it by relation strongness/ grade but maybe i am too oldschool.

There this thread was made with the thought behind for a better friend list filtering i would more suggest personal notes on profiles so you can add details on it for a better remember. Or you can give people personal nicknames.

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Think if were talking like getting message after certain time span that this friend has not been on for this long, do you wish to keep them as contact. Then yah may be good as feature for friend list management. If its like you can see it visually on profile, then I think far fewer will be adding friends down the road. Because it can create stalking like situations, but also really let clingy people be really clingy all the time, not sure I see how this will have any positive effect in terms of feature if its the way it would be implemented.

Especially if you can't choose to be in stealth mode online.

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I thought a while now about this but beside the "I wanna keep my friend list proper" thing there is nothing what would make sense.
Only people who loves to cheat, stalk or "control freaks" would have real profit of it.
Free playground for stalker and control freaks where they can drive crazy....

And well. The only thing what would happen with cheaters and liars is...that they have something where they can laugh about. Because a timestamp does change literaly nothing.
Only thing what will happen is that they try not to die by laughting when they hear about that feature.
After it they just create another avi/ account.

100% against it because does cause more trouble than use.

PS: And by the way it would give cheaters and liars the possibility to say "Hey i was not online" even they were. because they just log in with another character. So at the end it would also support them...

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