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Billing and Subscription questions


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Hello to billing team;

I thought I was upgrading my subscription to annual at the beginning of the year. It looks like my month-to-month subscription is still active and just got re-billed. They are both created under the same email. Do I still only have one user account, or did a second one (with new avi's) get created? If I cancel the monthly account, does it affect my current user account?






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You probably need to cancel the monthly recurring subscription at BMT Micro website.

Anyway your subscription time should be adding up so you won't lose your money.

And one email means one account (one set of up to 3 avi's).

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Thanks all...I tried sending a request via the support page a few weeks back and never got a response. I also never use Discord so I didn't really want to sign up for it just to send one message.


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If you refer to the order receipt emails you received from 'BMT Micro Order' you will find the order ID numbers, which you will need to resolve this.  I assume if you ordered (and paid for) an annual subscription, you should have two order receipts and two order numbers.  Those order receipt emails say to address billing questions to them and technical questions to 3DXChat Support.  There is a BMT Micro contact email address for billing questions provided in those emails.

There is also a contact page for BMT Micro on their web site:


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