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  1. maybe this will make the furniture/pose editing more easier?
  2. hello everyone this is a thread that i will be posting all my builds in one place and how they progressing ofc all my builds are for those that want them and are via donations expressing their love to each said build and All the builds will come in unlimited numbers so to clarify this 1 club or whatever will go to many players n not just one . Ofcource special requested rooms are only for one n the one requested it from me but my presets rooms are for many ill start this year with Next Gen 2 club
  3. simon


    I'm gonna explain my idea in the best way i can since my english is very bad. I'm a gamer that enjoy a lot snadbox and every game that allow you to craft and build your shit, that being said i want to make this Topic like the Workshop on Steam, where people that are not good or do not have time to build can find some usefull thing. How do we do it ? Everyone is welcome to post here their creations and i will keep update the Second post, i'm already working on stuff that i will add in next days. File will be divided in categories: Object ( stool, chair, TV, ornaments of all kind etc..)F
  4. I decided to create this topic to show my (poor) works with the world editor The first one is still under development but here is a pic to give you a hint 🌚 It's bigger inside...
  5. Fine, maybe I'm suddenly nuts...I wouldn't put it past 2020 to turn me completely barking mad just for a lark...but is something busted in the coordinates system for the World Editor? I could have sworn that if I created an object and used the Transform Tool to declare exact position of X0, Y0, Z0, that the object's center would lay at the intersection of all three vertices. Suddenly, a new object created and dropped at 0,0,0 is NOT at dead center. If all of the Rotation fields are set to 0,0,0 the object will be split 50/50 above and below the Y axis, but X and Z are still out of alignme
  6. Apologies if this is either already known, or should be in the World Editor forum (that looked to be more for tips & sharing). When I load a .world file with an ocean level not 0, the editor seems to ignore the value. If I immediately save the loaded file and look at the JSON, the ocean level in the file is 0. Thus, I need to remember to manually reset the ocean level every time I open the file in the editor. In my case, I do this because the wave tips sometimes poke through my beach, and it's much easier to lower the ocean to -0.04m than to move hundreds of objects up by that mu
  7. Thought it would be nice to have a topic where we can share our creations using the new update, anything from finished projects to work in progress shots. Ill start it off with my little island ive used to get comfortable with all the new tools, lots of it will probably be reworked and changed a bit, and im planning on adding a lot more stuff in general.
  8. Well, since the server is down I think its time to post some thoughts here. For me 3DX is not just a place to have some co-op masturbation - sometimes I spend my time in the World Editor as well. From what i have learned i can say for sure - world editor doesnt need connection to the server (see the pic, i can still keep building when I've got disconnected). So, here's my idea: it would be great to be able to run the game in off-line mode having limited functionality. Let's say - only default Betty/Bob avatars to play and (most importantly) World Editor working. What it could give us:
  9. Hello @Gizmo and community I noticed while building that world editor dont work correctly what i mean is lately there are flaws that we didnt had before so maybe you check the world editor values whatever Personaly i like to build perfectly without flaws and every piece or wall or anything connects perfectly bellow i will post 2 pics of examples that something is wrong with the build editor lately . to explain more what is happpening i have a wall and i make another wall as a direct continuation of same wall so since its a direct continuation of same wall those s
  10. Hello everyone! Since I had one of my rooms clearly stolen I decided to share a bit of my creations! As I already told to many people here, I love to build real life places to have the experiences of traveling and living with my friends and beloved wife! And when is open, everybody is welcome!!! *** PARIS ROOFTOP BALCONY AND CABARET ***
  11. Hi hi guys greetings greetings \o ^^ Just wanted to share with you some of my creations. I've spent a lot of hours building them and considering I've no more time to build and even play like before, I just thought to share them with you. Feel free to download and use them if you'll like them. Have fun! I'll start with my Keyboards: Korg Karma [download link] I needed them for my BlackFlame Stadium. I tried to reproduce what I saw in this pic: And this is the final result: Enjoy! I'll share more things during the next days so, stay tuned Hugs and kisses :* <3
  12. Since Saloon, Fresco, 3DX Club are all dead places, why not make one or three into a "Property of the Day" open for 24 hours regardless of user being online the entire time? Since we can guess Gizmo or staff wouldn't want to add and change places everyday, there would need to be some way to upload the world file along with a fair system where those wanting to post their property had a chance , but would go back into a queue at the back of the line of others who hadn't yet so no one person can abuse the feature? If it's a bit of work for Gizmo to create the coding for, then why not a
  13. there are some features and items that would be useful in the world editor: -> bulk action for a group of object (ability to input the value to a group: position, size, rotation, etc) -> A shower with the postion (s) like the toilet, using steam is not the same and so many things can be done in shower -> shoes and dresses for our wardrobe (see the picture): share your request. Gizmo reads, maybe we could have some nice surprises. Items in the last updates allow me to have a lighter room.
  14. Just thought would be nice to have a place to regroup bugs and suggestions, instead of many small topics, or floading the announcement threads. Would make it easier to regroup the technical stuff related to World Editor. Suggestion : I just wanted to ask if you would consider an alternate option to WASD.... it's the opposite of user friendly, for the AZERTY keyboards lol (arrows maybe ? like for the flycam) Just started messing with editor, and this is driving me nuts
  15. "The 1st 3dx Artist`s Festival" Warm welcome to every "world editor" user. How to take part in the festival. Link to the Poll - information about how this should happen. Conditions: 1. Up to 8 participants. 2. Up to 80 KB for each file. 3. 1 week (since 1 July) for preparation,1 week for presentation. 4. No more than 1 file (working place: 20x20x60(height)) per each artist. 5. Google Drive should be used for uploads. 6. Only own creations, which haven`t been published anywhere must be used. 7. Theme: freestyle Explanations/recommendations. "Up to 8 participants, Up to 80 KB per file
  16. Hi 3dxchat citizens and artists! It will be interesting to see how many people want to see it and how many WE artists want to participate in such festival. Why? To make an festival from 3dxchat artists for people who interested to see artworks and use those works in the future. To make a place wich will be opened every day by every participant. The place where people(especially those who are not registered on the forum) could see any works and upload it by the links from the forum. To show works of various artists festival by festival and show that the world editor is not just a thing but
  17. As a Little Introduction i May Say, Since i Started in the 2014, I noticed that when an update come in, some sexual poses the Dev Team add, are actually Poses that exist already, with a little modifications in the place of the hands, legs or some parts of the body, to make a "new one"... For example the last one This Was a MFF 3some pose, and they just chanced the position of one hand From Fingering the other girl, to the hip of the main one, to make it single... Actually we also DO THAT IN REAL!, so, no matter if in game someone complain about... i'll say to the Devs.. "GIVE US MORE!!"
  18. For some reason, ocean level in my room sometimes got reset to 0 level and I need to fix it in world editor again and again. Maybe someone else have this problem too or better say - any solution for this problem?
  19. Hi everyone This thread is about build tricks that I will share for faster build some may know some not so this thread is for those that dont here is my first As u can see in the pic u have made a round platform and u wanna dress it with bars so u cant fall in water . you have put some initial bars arround the platform n now u want to make some horizontal ones . well the only thing u have to do is make only 2 of them in opposite direction ,then group those 2 .now since i made those vertical bars with 15 angle rotation ill use same a
  20. Hey, After the last update some of the materials, like firefly effect and caustic is behaving oddly. But worse than that. working with the World Editor is now a pain as right clicking and dragging to rotate the view is now behaving sluggishly. It's like they turned down the mouse sensitivity for this specific action. Could someone please help me with this.
  21. Hello 3DXChat Community! We want to let you know of something big we have been working on. We are working on a powerful World Editor (User Rooms)! With scalable basic primitive shapes you can build structures and worlds of any complexity and style. Features available in the first release: - Basic scalable primitives: Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, Ladder etc. - Materials: Now materials can be applied to different building blocks, for example to make a brick house with a tiled roof etc. - Tools: Rotation, Moving, Scaling using the X, Y and Z axis, using new tools like you would in 3D model
  22. meoww sweet 3dx ppl here is a new sex/party villa clean build ofc ,cool lights awesome uplifting enviroment to make ur mood made with cool color combinations so if u want to have a awesome Sex room or party room that ppl can also have sex this is a nice choice Pm me if u wanna get this (via donations only) still in progress but finishing soon
  23. Hello everyone I call this Pleasure room, few words about this room, This room is for ppl that like to shoot pics or vids or just to have fun . We know this game have the best graphics but with bad lights graphics are like going down So my focus here is the lights n how they make Avi body seem. So If ur a porn director or a photographer or u juts wanna have fun n have the best graphics for another level of experience this is the room u have to get Also i have made some artifacts that can be used for pose pics lets see some pics see how the lights reflect so nice on the body mak
  24. Hello its me ur friendly next door Lil Alivia with another club This one is a miracle of architecture tho well im lazy to say more so lets see some pics Available now via donations ofc so pm me if you want to get this awesome club for ur parties remeber this club have been made with the awesome 3dxchat world editor so support 3dxchat by buy a sub or some xgold so we enjoy this awesome game have i told you that latest researches showed that the more accounts u have the more likely to succed in whatever u want to do in the game personaly i have 2 accounts 1 party
  25. Hello everyone This is the Aquadome (Alivia rework-Remake) So a few words about this Few days back i went to a room that stelania had open n i realy loved the big pool theme as i love pools so much. while i stayed there some ideas hit me on how to further evolve this room. So i asked n she told me room was on modz so i went there got the room n started to build it a new . Now at this point i want to mention that AQUADOME SPA was build by TracyRyan so good job tracy ok here is how Aquadome was originaly And bellow how it became Anyway to sum it up i started
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