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  1. I have been having some pretty seriously shitty issues with World Editor recently which have been causing a lot of wasted time and lost work as well as frustration and anger. Very often if I select an object and then release it I cannot select the object again unless I leave and re-enter the World Editor. It seems to happen most frequently with objects that were a part of a merge. Having to leave and re-enter constantly makes it very difficult to maintain a good work flow and get shit done. Another issue that has been happening frequently is that when I click on an object to select it the screen will sometimes minimize, and sometimes the program closes altogether, losing any work that is unsaved. This seems to happen most often when the object I am trying to select is red, but I haven't kept track so this could be my imagination. Stopping to save my work every few minutes also makes it difficult to maintain a good work flow. I have had several instances now of working on a project and making some good progress when suddenly the program closes and I lose it all. Just a few minutes ago I lost about two hours worth of work, again. And finally, I think, it's the fall-through-floor glitch on steroids. I've had this on two builds; an abandoned bunker turned home/party spot 50m underground with a spawn on the surface, and a skyscraper observation deck some 400m above sea level. In both of them walking off the spawn area in any direction will result in falling through. I moved the yellow spawn box around in both of these builds a few times, including 1m above the surface, but no matter where I placed it I could not walk off the spawn point without falling through. I also tried moving the surfaces around or adding material. For example, in the skyscraper I; made the floor thicker, fell. Added a layer of concrete, fell. Sandwiched a layer of steel between two layers of concrete, fell. Two layers of steel and three concrete plus an additional layer of wood flooring on top of the original flooring, and this time I actually didn't fall through! Lol, No I fell through, of course!. I have reinstalled the game twice. I don't know if it's the game, my copy of the game, my PC... And I don't know where to even begin looking for a cause or solution to any of these problems. What the hell is going on?
  2. Hello ! I'm going to share here all my creations on 3DXchat, in order. I made them entirely, without any external contribution. They are 100% made from scratch. I used to expose my work on the game, during events organized around each new room, this topic allows me to archive it.
  3. Hello everyone! Since I had one of my rooms clearly stolen I decided to share a bit of my creations! As I already told to many people here, I love to build real life places to have the experiences of traveling and living with my friends and beloved wife! And when is open, everybody is welcome!!! *** PARIS ROOFTOP BALCONY AND CABARET ***
  4. Thought it would be nice to have a topic where we can share our creations using the new update, anything from finished projects to work in progress shots. Ill start it off with my little island ive used to get comfortable with all the new tools, lots of it will probably be reworked and changed a bit, and im planning on adding a lot more stuff in general.
  5. Apologies if this is either already known, or should be in the World Editor forum (that looked to be more for tips & sharing). When I load a .world file with an ocean level not 0, the editor seems to ignore the value. If I immediately save the loaded file and look at the JSON, the ocean level in the file is 0. Thus, I need to remember to manually reset the ocean level every time I open the file in the editor. In my case, I do this because the wave tips sometimes poke through my beach, and it's much easier to lower the ocean to -0.04m than to move hundreds of objects up by that much.
  6. Dear developers, I think it would be a good idea to add an optimization function to the world editor. The general locations, represented by the 7 icons on the left side of the room selector, are much better optimized than the user-created worlds. Therefore, I propose to add a one-way converter from the text world file to a file (files), which is well optimized as a general location. Of course, after conversion it will not be possible to edit the optimized world. I see that the builders are limited by the performance of the guest computers, i.e., we cannot create big-scale detailed worlds. I think such a feature will be useful for everyone and also from a long-term perspective. P.S. The reference to the general locations might be wrong, but the optimization could be useful.
  7. I decided to create this topic to show my (poor) works with the world editor The first one is still under development but here is a pic to give you a hint It's bigger inside...
  8. hey! i dont know if this has been suggested but i think adding in more weather effects like the snow in world editor would be very useful in creating more atmosphere in maps my first thought was rain, as i think it would fit in with many map styles including horror/Halloween ones ive created a example of what it may add to _rain_view.mp4 ive also had an idea for a material to go along with the rain rain _2.mp4 this could be added as a moving texture as we already have seen ingame as the ice melt 3f4de9bf2f18d138098a22cf87e5e57f.mp4 im hoping to see more of these kinda things added to the world editor so it gives that vibe a builder would want in there world! some other good ones would be falling leaves!
  9. simon


    I'm gonna explain my idea in the best way i can since my english is very bad. I'm a gamer that enjoy a lot snadbox and every game that allow you to craft and build your shit, that being said i want to make this Topic like the Workshop on Steam, where people that are not good or do not have time to build can find some usefull thing. How do we do it ? Everyone is welcome to post here their creations and i will keep update the Second post, i'm already working on stuff that i will add in next days. File will be divided in categories: Object ( stool, chair, TV, ornaments of all kind etc..)Forniture (Tall 2.5 mt max , that's a good height for the wall: couches, boockshelf, desk, cabinet, wardrobe etc..)Rooms (one single room, with or without fornitures and deco, up to the creator, just say if its, empty or not)Flat (: little house with one floor and few rooms, same as above for foniture and deco)Indipendent Houses ( house with more floors, pool, garden, private beach and what ever you want to put inisde, same as above for the forniture and deco)Areas ( garden, pool area, beach, parck, plaza etc...)Public building ( bar, fast food, clubs, medic, etc)Others ( all the random things, you sick ppl will come out with)If you have some idea for better categories i'm open for all your suggestion to make this work in the best way possible If you want to share your file, please make sure to follow this siple lines: Keep your file clean as much as possible; no random thing floating around.Before upload your file make sure to make a group with your entire build, that will help to move it once it's margedIn case of little object and forniture place them over a white plataform for better view when the file will be margedWhen creating a file that you are going to share, open the default location, clear all props and start build from the spawn With the file its will be nice to have a link with some pics of what it's inside, like an album on imgur or what ever you want (https://imgur.com/)For those that will download and marge those file with their own project, please follow this simple lines: Make a backup of your file you are going to edit, just in case.Download and put the file in the folder where you keep your 3DXChat creationsBefore marge the file KEEP IN MIND that he game will span the new stuff in the same location where it was created, so it should go where your spwn where when you started your fileOnce in the game open your project, marge with and marge with new fileIf the creator did it right you will get an object that is already in group, so click on it anywhere and place it where you want Exaple: OBJECT Gizmo Workshop PC and Monitor ~ Images Link ~ Download link Ps 4 ~ Images Link ~ Download link Lisa Workshop Remote control ~ Images Link ~ Download link Jar with flowers ~ Images Link ~ Download link FORNITURE Gizmo Workshop Bed ~ Images Link ~ Download link Lisa Workshop Wardrobe ~ Images Link ~ Download link and so on..... If you guys like the idea, that is going to be a good way to sharing and improve our own places Any ides that can improve it are very welcome.
  10. Is this broken? I can't have it work now.
  11. Just like the topic, I was thinking that is there anyway to give players a "world map" as the world selection menu? I know it's more convinent to just browse the worlds in a list, but imagine these things below: *players can buy actual houses/buildings and lands by xgolds, and edit them[not like second life, but more like a home world of minecraft ,most of the lands are flat landscape on the side of the road, several lands with special terran(mountains, lakes) are sale in whole area and more expensive] *the new-joined players will have an free apartment house in a random official apartment---which they can edit/add furniture in the building or simply modify the room, but can't change the room scape---until they purchase a property *the actural "house" and building, which means when player leave their house, they're standing on the main map outside their house[kinda like old gta houses---walk to icon, then walk in the house/land. you can only see the outside of the land/houses on the street for saving gpu usage] *streets, vehicles, and more feature: wanna be more "life like" in this game? restaurants and the shops on the side of the streets will make players earn xgolds(just a little), buy foods/drink to quench their hunger/hydrate meter, or social in there, and players can actually driving vehicles on the street---and devs can sell them. well...these are just my imagination... I'm pretty sure they will not add this in game although it's not hard to achieve uwu
  12. maybe this will make the furniture/pose editing more easier?
  13. hello everyone this is a thread that i will be posting all my builds in one place and how they progressing ofc all my builds are for those that want them and are via donations expressing their love to each said build and All the builds will come in unlimited numbers so to clarify this 1 club or whatever will go to many players n not just one . Ofcource special requested rooms are only for one n the one requested it from me but my presets rooms are for many ill start this year with Next Gen 2 club
  14. Fine, maybe I'm suddenly nuts...I wouldn't put it past 2020 to turn me completely barking mad just for a lark...but is something busted in the coordinates system for the World Editor? I could have sworn that if I created an object and used the Transform Tool to declare exact position of X0, Y0, Z0, that the object's center would lay at the intersection of all three vertices. Suddenly, a new object created and dropped at 0,0,0 is NOT at dead center. If all of the Rotation fields are set to 0,0,0 the object will be split 50/50 above and below the Y axis, but X and Z are still out of alignment. The default rotation of X=270 rests the object on top of the grid. This is based on my grid Y height being set to 0, and my grid scale being set to 1 meter. In the example attached, all of my settings are at default except for ocean level, which I keep at 0 rather than the default -1. I prefer to start all of my projects from Zero Point, and will zero out any objects I get from share sites to make it easier to find them when building. It's also useful for building items that need exact proportions. Obviously, this isn't a deal killer for using the editor...it just means that now when building I have to do math...and I HATE math... So am I the only one seeing this, or this there some other strange voodoo going on? Please share your thoughts... Thanks! Lazlo
  15. Well, since the server is down I think its time to post some thoughts here. For me 3DX is not just a place to have some co-op masturbation - sometimes I spend my time in the World Editor as well. From what i have learned i can say for sure - world editor doesnt need connection to the server (see the pic, i can still keep building when I've got disconnected). So, here's my idea: it would be great to be able to run the game in off-line mode having limited functionality. Let's say - only default Betty/Bob avatars to play and (most importantly) World Editor working. What it could give us: - Obvious When the server is offline we could keep building our content and test it for later when we're able to share it to the other players. - A bit less obvious, but still making life better potentially We could run second client and work on our worlds while still hosting a room in 1st window. You see, that announcement Lisa gave us about the new features of the server they are working at - it will be possible to keep our rooms hosted even when we go offline/get disconnected for some reason. It's a great thing and for me personally it would improve my experience a lot, since im not always able to keep my 3DX running 24/7 (let's say i am playing some other game and it is important to me to have my FPS there as high as possible, but having 3DX running in background sometimes drops FPS drastically). With that said hosting rooms is going to be much easier, but there's still one problem rmaining: you cant host a room and build anything in World Editor, becuase you have to stop hosting to enter WE mode. And having a separate client running in off-line mode would fix that problem. I hope I didnt confuse you with that explanation too much, people.
  16. Hello @Gizmo and community I noticed while building that world editor dont work correctly what i mean is lately there are flaws that we didnt had before so maybe you check the world editor values whatever Personaly i like to build perfectly without flaws and every piece or wall or anything connects perfectly bellow i will post 2 pics of examples that something is wrong with the build editor lately . to explain more what is happpening i have a wall and i make another wall as a direct continuation of same wall so since its a direct continuation of same wall those stuff shouldnt happen (look pics) it was working ok years now but lately something is broken
  17. Hi hi guys greetings greetings \o ^^ Just wanted to share with you some of my creations. I've spent a lot of hours building them and considering I've no more time to build and even play like before, I just thought to share them with you. Feel free to download and use them if you'll like them. Have fun! I'll start with my Keyboards: Korg Karma [download link] I needed them for my BlackFlame Stadium. I tried to reproduce what I saw in this pic: And this is the final result: Enjoy! I'll share more things during the next days so, stay tuned Hugs and kisses :* <3
  18. Since Saloon, Fresco, 3DX Club are all dead places, why not make one or three into a "Property of the Day" open for 24 hours regardless of user being online the entire time? Since we can guess Gizmo or staff wouldn't want to add and change places everyday, there would need to be some way to upload the world file along with a fair system where those wanting to post their property had a chance , but would go back into a queue at the back of the line of others who hadn't yet so no one person can abuse the feature? If it's a bit of work for Gizmo to create the coding for, then why not an Xgold host charge to make it worth his while? Not sure of what amount to charge, but it can't be too little there is a easy reason to try and abuse it, but not too much no one wants to pay it. The dead 3DX places could be better repurposed.
  19. there are some features and items that would be useful in the world editor: -> bulk action for a group of object (ability to input the value to a group: position, size, rotation, etc) -> A shower with the postion (s) like the toilet, using steam is not the same and so many things can be done in shower -> shoes and dresses for our wardrobe (see the picture): share your request. Gizmo reads, maybe we could have some nice surprises. Items in the last updates allow me to have a lighter room.
  20. Just thought would be nice to have a place to regroup bugs and suggestions, instead of many small topics, or floading the announcement threads. Would make it easier to regroup the technical stuff related to World Editor. Suggestion : I just wanted to ask if you would consider an alternate option to WASD.... it's the opposite of user friendly, for the AZERTY keyboards lol (arrows maybe ? like for the flycam) Just started messing with editor, and this is driving me nuts
  21. "The 1st 3dx Artist`s Festival" Warm welcome to every "world editor" user. How to take part in the festival. Link to the Poll - information about how this should happen. Conditions: 1. Up to 8 participants. 2. Up to 80 KB for each file. 3. 1 week (since 1 July) for preparation,1 week for presentation. 4. No more than 1 file (working place: 20x20x60(height)) per each artist. 5. Google Drive should be used for uploads. 6. Only own creations, which haven`t been published anywhere must be used. 7. Theme: freestyle Explanations/recommendations. "Up to 8 participants, Up to 80 KB per file" was made for optimization. Everyone looking forward for beautiful works, but less reflective textures and lights for better optimization are very welcome. Since Today till July 7 - preparation time when you can create, fix, test your work. July 7 is a time for creating final test and festival file. When your work is done, upload it to google drive and send me the link by private message on the forum. Since July 8 till July 14, the festival should be open everyday for everyone in public place by me or participants. If you see that a place isn`t opened, just use the place and open by yourself. Festival file will be given to each participant. Theme: freestyle. "It could be a graffiti on a wall, a car, a bed, a statue, or whatever you have in your imagination(except something can break the rules of the game)." Conditions can be changed. I may lost something(info). Nothing is perfect. Feel free to post you questions/ideas here or by pm.
  22. Hi 3dxchat citizens and artists! It will be interesting to see how many people want to see it and how many WE artists want to participate in such festival. Why? To make an festival from 3dxchat artists for people who interested to see artworks and use those works in the future. To make a place wich will be opened every day by every participant. The place where people(especially those who are not registered on the forum) could see any works and upload it by the links from the forum. To show works of various artists festival by festival and show that the world editor is not just a thing but also an important tool that can be used variously, that can keep an interest to be in 3dxchat. How? A simple place like a circle with an entrance at the center, with artist`s spots/places around this entrance. People can get to any work and then walk around one by one.It could be a graffiti on a wall, a car, a bed, a statue, or whatever you have in your imagination(except something can break the rules of the game).I can made a first wave of artists festival while I have few weeks on it. If someone wants to lead it, that's cool. If no, I am able to do it.Create something, link to me by the forum pm. I will put it in the festival place. Before starting festival we meet inside the place to fix anything. I will link final place to every participant. While festival going, if you see that a place isn`t opened, just use the place and open by yourself(need to think how it will be named). That is how we can lead the festival together and keep it opened all the time. Or most of time :3 Questions: 1.How many artworks(participants) would be nice to see accordingly with 3dxchat file limit? 2.What limit (Kb) for one participant? 3.How long should the festival take place? (a week, two, a month or any ideas)? 4.How many cubic meters should take a spot for any artwork? 5.What site should we use for links of works? 6. Any idea of a name of festival? Feel free to discuss. Maybe the idea isn`t good. We will see.
  23. As a Little Introduction i May Say, Since i Started in the 2014, I noticed that when an update come in, some sexual poses the Dev Team add, are actually Poses that exist already, with a little modifications in the place of the hands, legs or some parts of the body, to make a "new one"... For example the last one This Was a MFF 3some pose, and they just chanced the position of one hand From Fingering the other girl, to the hip of the main one, to make it single... Actually we also DO THAT IN REAL!, so, no matter if in game someone complain about... i'll say to the Devs.. "GIVE US MORE!!" So The Purposes of this Topic are:... 1.- To USE the World Editor and Rochi's Dll Ghost, combined with our creativity to Create some "New Poses" using the existing ones. 2.- Invite all the Builders and Creators, To Show or even Share the poses They Create to the comunity With Pictures posted here. 3.- Suggest the Developer Team those poses that are easy to make considering we have the elements in Game... (and there is no excuse, cuz WE ALREADY MADE THEM... ) 4.- As an idea to consider... If he POSE EDITOR will be released one day, the existant poses in Game must be offered to be downloaded by us, and then modificate them, like i'm showing above, to make it even easier... 5.- You Can Also post original pictures of BDSM Furnitures, and doesn't matter if some "repeats", But Please build them your own style. *Please avoid Trolling, Fights and Out of Topic Comments here, this goes foward to post pictures made by us to Improve, and make a bigger and with more Quality Virtual Community So What are you waiting for? as we are proving, We don't need a "Pose Editor For Idiots", something similar to the Sex Villa, or even the Desing Programs as the DAZ one, would be enough, if the will and desire exist, we can make great things to keep making this game we love, EVEN BETTER. So i start this post with an example, a pose made by me, a "Frontal CowGirl" Gizmo.. Can you make this for us? Cosider the apropiated placing of the hands in the waist... Or, if we get greedy, a new window with buttons to put SubAnimations (actions) AChat Style to... *Grab, massage and squeeze the butt *The all Claimed Spanking *Suck the nipples *Kiss the Guy *Lift Hip&Squirt over Male's Chest all you can Imagine... I Will dig some time from my RL to post more of mines and don't forget to share yours too... Thank You! Hugs'n Kisses 4U All!!!
  24. For some reason, ocean level in my room sometimes got reset to 0 level and I need to fix it in world editor again and again. Maybe someone else have this problem too or better say - any solution for this problem?
  25. Hi everyone This thread is about build tricks that I will share for faster build some may know some not so this thread is for those that dont here is my first As u can see in the pic u have made a round platform and u wanna dress it with bars so u cant fall in water . you have put some initial bars arround the platform n now u want to make some horizontal ones . well the only thing u have to do is make only 2 of them in opposite direction ,then group those 2 .now since i made those vertical bars with 15 angle rotation ill use same angle for the horizontal and first ill copy and then ill start make new ones in perfect place i will keep copy n rotate in 15 deegre angle then ill delete spare ones n we good to go u now perfectly have dressed the bars its only a matter of few seconds stay tuned for next build trick muack
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