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Impossible to answer to most of the topics

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Hi, Anankou, I would say welcome to forum but you are not a “newbie” at all… just a very quiet Forum member. No posts in over 3 years, WOW. I could never pull that off, I’m way to chatty.

Anywho, the reason for my post. It appears you now have your post count of 3 😮 freeing you of this PM restriction. Congratz 😊


Ohhh, the 72 hours? No Mods or Admin over weekends, they need time off too. 😉


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Thanks Gizmo, most of the new forum is great.  Can anything be done with the Friends List?  Why don't we have option to approve or limit our list to true friends vs followers?  


(Edit to add PS)  PS:  Also is there any way to block certain Topics from our stream?

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