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It is with great sadness and sorrow, I have been asked by BrandiWine to inform the 3dxchat community  via forum that our Great Friend, and DJ and Writer - ShovelHead - also fondly known as Jersey to his friends, has passed away today.


Jersey had spoken to Brandi this mornng as usual but as the day wore on, no further contact was made and  following enquiries, it revealed he had not contacted his other friends either for some time, not even his online girlfriend, Lishy.


This was highly unusual and out of charachter for him.


This heightened Lishy's worry for him and so suggested his address should be checked.

Due to the collective concern of all his friends for him now, the police were informed by Brandi & xDeax. The Police were asked to do a welfare check on him at his home and the reasons explained for their alarm.

Jersey had recently been unwell and had undergone surgery, although this seemed to have gone well.


It was shortly after these calls to police, Brandi & Dea both received calls from police telling them the sad news that Jersey had passed away at home and that his next of kin had been informed.


Jersey lived on his own so it was admirable that his friends had been so concerned for him they took the intiative and informed the authorities. These actions no doubt led to Jersey being found earlier than he might have been and his next of kin informed.


As you can imagine, we are all devastasted by this shocking news. We have lost one of our dearest friends.




BrandiWine was his online sister and I knew him through her. From this, our friendship grew.

He did us the great honour of giving Brandi away at our wedding in January of this year.


He was an amazing DJ  having played at our Soap Factory many times.

He opened his own place The Dive  most Saturday nights and of course whenever he felt like it. 

He loved his Blues Music and Classic Rock and his rooms were always packed out.


He was also an amazing writer. He published one erotic story on Literotica and Brandi and I were always teasing him on writing more


His story can be found here. Please give him a 5 rating.





Here are some pics to remember our amazing friend,

We miss you Jersey.


Knucks Bro and God Bless.



Mr May in The Soap Factory Calendar.



























BrandiWine has asked Police who contacted her about this sad loss to pass on her contact information to his next of kin.

She has asked if there is a place he would have wanted donations to be made in his name.
Brandi will share that information with all when she has it here in this topic for those interested.


JERSEY it was an honour knowing you my friend.  Rest in Peace.

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I want to  dedicate this clip and this song to my good friend Shovelhead! I have known him for a long time! I made clips about his beautiful locations! I am very sad for him! We loved you very much! You were very kind! This tragedy should unite us all! We are all people! And we must love each other! From Russia with love! Kiss!  

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Aww my Jersey boy....so much to say but you know my heart.  Anyone who knew you were blessed and better people because of it.  We sure did see it all on this game didn't we?  I wish I had the whispers to share but each of us have had their own with you and know exactly what I mean.  You were a very special man and loved by many.  You will be greatly missed.  I will miss the daily 'Good Morning' messages and the gossip updates....If you were here right now I'd probably punch your arm Jersey style, but I so need one of your big brother hugs right about now.  I am rather proud of the fact that I named you Jersey and it stuck even when you insisted it wouldn't!!  Know I love you sweetums.  See you on the other side.... (blows you some sparkle bubbles)


Some Jersey favorites to send you off....







And as you know Jersey would always end his sets with this one so I thought it rather fitting.


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Oh, that's so sad to hear!!

The 3DX community has lost another so importatant member again...and although didn't know him personally I shurely remember so many special moments with him and his music!!

Even more because he deceased at this young age...!


My condolenses go out to his famiy and close friends, too...together with "My Way" played up on 10 now!

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I am really shocked to hear this news, i only really got to know him in the last month or two but in that time he showed what a fun, thoughtful guy he was, he was always happy to chat or help out in any way he could without giving it a second thought. It just shows that life is so precious and could end at any moment, make the most of every day.

This is a really sad time and he will be missed by all those that knew him, or even those that just  listened to his music at some stage in their 3dx time.


My condolences to his family and friends. R.I.P  Shovel.

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Angelo aka Shovel, Jersey:



Good morning texts, Lunch time and me making you eat salads and showing me pics of the salads, stop with all the salad dressing  haha .

Our late night talks on the phone boy did you make me laugh.  All the dolphins you sent me on my face book page and the surfers, your beautiful nieces who adored you and loved you so so much.  I guess my stop in New York this Summer will be filled with memories instead of lunch. You were there for me through such a hard time and hopefully I was there for you when you needed me.  "I've Got A Rock n Roll Heart" will always be our song. Oh lets not forget wedding rings,mermaids, google home (what a surprise that one was) I just spoke to you and thanked you for the flowers (yes I noticed the purple one)...Our first Friday Fuckery, wow what a fun night that was.  Me falling asleep and you djing until 4 am. But you had a 4 hour playlist and just kept it going.  You saved me from this place.  You have a heart of gold and you will always have a special place in my heart. Damn you Angelo even though I couldn't love you like you wanted me to we became even closer.  You told me never to cry for you and I never would BUT now I feel the tears forming.  I will not say goodbye to you...you will always be in my heart... Hell Tyler will miss you and your voice. He loved the treats you sent him and his new favorite pizza toy haha .  I need to go now, work is still waiting on me.. Rest in Peace Angelo.. I know you will be that angel looking out for me forever.. Love you <3

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I'll leave you a word Nomads I give you my shoes, they are new, you also get some books, can serve I'll know how to get up and see where you are, I'll send you to say goodbye, I give you my jacket, it suits you, I leave you a suitcase, from fill, I leave you my number too, because you never know, you I leave a word goodbye, goodbye, my friend goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, my friend ... How many dreams, travels, colors, old grudges, and a fantasy, full of love, and go against the wind, it's not difficult you know, it is, without a greeting, in case ... Goodbye, my friend goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, my friend ... I'll be able to get up and see where you are, I'll send you to say goodbye goodbye, my friend goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, my friend. How many dreams, travels, colors, old grudges, and a fantasy, full of love and go against the wind, it's not difficult you know, it is, without a greeting, if anything. Goodbye, my friend goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, my friend. Goodbye, my friend goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, my friend goodbye.

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The Dive was one of the very first places I visited when I came to 3DX.  His profile had "if you know what shovelhead means PM me" or something like that. Growing up around Harley Davidson motorcycles I knew so I PM'd telling him I knew. That started a friendship. The connection grew when I started to DJ.  I have been blessed to know him. 


This is a solemn reminder to us all behind our avatars  there is a real person. Some can touch us in a good way. Shovelhead was that person , outgoing, friendly who loved music and loved people. I am better for having known him. 


While we, the 3DX community grieve his loss,, we have the solace of knowing he will continue to live in us. My deepest sympathy to those who knew him best. 

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We joked about meeting up at WaWa, coming from NJ it's one of the big convenience store chains here.  We joked about what was best to eat.  Shared so many good memories of food and music.  He was a truly amazing man with a great attitude about life.  We used to tease one another about things and gave each other a good laugh as we needed it.  He teased me after he heard my Jersey Devil Tale which he asked me for and played parts in his sets at times because my older half siblings are Leeds and I told him, I do have a devil side but few see it.  We laughed so hard at that, so now when I listen to the recording, I'll remember him fondly.  As I go past or stop in a WaWa, I'll giggle from the jokes.

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I am totally shocked by this news. We would speak often online and on Discord, and I spent many great evenings at The Dive. I knew he had suffered a touch of pneumonia, recently, and had been signed off work, but it didn't seem to be serious or requiring hospitalization. He loved his music, he loved his Mustang, but above all he genuinely loved people, and saw the best in them. He was an an amazing, supportive friend to me, expecting nothing in return except to DJ at Pussy Riot sometime soon... which he surely would have done. Farewell to a really beautiful man – never the Devil, but rather the New Jersey Angel.

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