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I think it does not matter, girls what matters is that we lost a great friend a great people, and that we can honor his name the way he always did with his music, his friendship and goodwill with everyone, he was close time in our group, but it has left a mark forever in the heart of us all and I know that wherever he is he will be with us, listening to us and making his rock wherever he is

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Lishy, V and I will be hosting a Celebration of Jersey on his birthday May 30th.


I chose the word hosting because this celebration belongs to all of us.  No one will be barred from participation.  If you wish to spin please send me a pm either here, discord or game.  Kindly include hours you are available (using EST) so we can coordinate time zones properly. All previous ignores/blocks have been lifted for this purpose.


You are asked to prepare a set of one hour.  The event will last as long as it lasts.  We don't mind making it a 3 day festival filled with every DJ he ever admired or every DJ who ever admired him.


Let's keep it to Blues and Classic Rock with a bit of Country thrown in as Jersey/EDM/Rap did not mix well.


Add:  We have about 7 dj's on the list so far! 

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I wanted to thank everyone who shared their emotions and memories of our dear friend Jersey (shovelHead) yesterday in the tribute of the SFL Group, a group in which we had the honor of having Jersey as a member. I want to thank Lishy for being with us all night. Thank the SFL Group DJ for the wonderful music that has so moved us. It was without a doubt an unforgettable night, remembered by all who love and had the honor of having Jersey as a friend. RIP MY FRIEND. You will always be with us

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A very special thank you to Brodie for doing this for us.  Thank you to MikeyDee for offering to do same...hugs


This is a sound bite created by Jersey and sent to me when he first got his mic and he was creating an opening for his live radio stream.  Of course I now wish there was more of his voice on it, but this is so who he was.  


I share it knowing he was loved by each of you and if you are anything like me you sure could use a touch of Jersey right now.


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For the 30th we have a full schedule of DJ's from 2pm to 3 am....thank you to each of you who signed up!  However we will gladly add time slots for anyone who still wishes to spin.  All are welcome.


I cannot wait to celebrate Jersey's life on his Birthday.  How fitting.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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The night of his birthday was a blast and reminiscent of the times when Jersey rocked The Dive.

It was a club he adored and people he loved to play for.

Here he is on his guitar blasting out the music he loved, in a place he loved to the people he loved.

It was taken in October 2018.




Who would have thought that 7 months on, he would no longer be with us.   RIP Bro.

Thank you to all who made his birthday memorable and special.  Thank you for support and the memories and making his 51st birthday special.

Special Thanks to:

Twin who helped us make a replica room to celebrate his life on his birthday.

BrandiWine & Lishy who helped to organise and stage, and host the event.


All the DJ's who played an hour of their tunes, music that reminded them and paid tribute to our Jersey boy.


SkylarJStar & Gwarrior 



Mike Burleigh



All the patrons who attended and told their stories and memories.

You all made our Jersey proud.    Thank you.






















Here is a little tribute to him in the DJ topic too.




And after he had passed... 



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