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  1. Tuesday July 12 6 PM Eastern US Time DJ Glorious DJ FanBiker DJ HarleyBiker DJ Borol tonight debuting a song wrote and composed about the Honeydipper , "135 Miles from Memphis
  2. ok we know the SuperBowl is tonight but we also know some would rather attend a good dance and party, this is the one Lillian Langtre Entertainment LLE and Black and White presents Valentine's Day Party 2022 with DJ Glorious, DJ SuzyQ, DJ Vixx , and DJ LIllian a variety of music from soul to hair bands to club music to rockabilly 50's join us at 7 PM Eastern tonight Feb 13 Happy Valentines Day
  3. Join us Tuesday Dec 21 at 6 PM eastern for some of the best blues southern rock and roadhouse on 3DX set in a authentic style Mississippi Juke Joint, moonshine, red solo cups , chicken and ribs on the grille. Shack Up Inn next door for hanky panky. Merry Christmas from LLE
  4. Black and White Sunday Glams to celebrate Christmas
  5. begins 7 PM eastern Dec 7 2021 join us for the best blues southern rock and roadhouse authentic Mississippi style juke joint moonshine red solo cups ribs and chicken on the grille "this gonna be some night"
  6. join us Nov 2 starting at 6 PM Eastern for the best blues southern rock and roadhouse on 3DX Authentic Mississippi juke joint moonshine red solo cups
  7. in anticipation of the grand opening Boogie Bottom will have a soft opening tonight 7 PM Eastern
  8. join us for a evening of good music in a authentic styled Mississippi Juke Joint also tonight the newest addition to LLE will be open for preview,, Boogie Bottom, to open soon y'all come !
  9. It brings me no joy to announce tonight will be the last night for Black and White Sunday Glam. Since 2018 Black and White has been the Sunday place, at its peak 158 to 170 people , each Sunday over 100 beautiful people got their glam on at Black and White. By my recollection, there was at least 5 weddings at Black and White, and at least a dozen, perhaps more, proposed marriage at Black and White. Several fund raisers were sponsored by Black and White, the latest being last summer during the height of the Covid pandemic when we raised money for Feed the Children and No Hungry Kids. I am very proud of the legacy Black and White leaves on 3DX. However, when and if I bring Black and White back, it will not be on a regular basis. As I close the club each week saying, show someone love, after all,, aren't we all black and white ? Be Blessed Lillian
  10. Oct 22 at 9 PM CET 3 Eastern playing the best metal and hard rock
  11. Join us at 6 PM October 19 for the finest blues and roadhouse at a authentic Juke Joint.
  12. LLE presents The Zombie Club EDM Party EDM House Trance Industrial 9 PM CET
  13. The original Black and White , since 2018 opens 7 PM Eastern
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