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Welcome and thank you for step by and read / see this.

For longtime i have wanted to show some of my creation's here, but i have just been to lazy  :o
and i am not one there use the forum that much also  :rolleyes:

But first i will show you some of my free giveaway house's / Homes 

OBS: You can't download them here on the 3DX forum, they all are on the Modz site.

You find it here: 

(yes i know the link looks weird, but i am not the one there have choose that  :huh:


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For now i have relesed 3 house/homes as free give away.. 

1: The Spanish House


The Spanish House was the first house i builded with the new World Editor. So it was there i learned to use that ;) 
And i have to admit that you can see it was new to me about how to use that, because i have learned much more since that time..
(I hope and tell myself that i have)


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3: The Island


The Island is me latest release. But it's a room i builded right after the Spanish house. 
The Island is a "heavy" room. The house is very detailed, and the hole outside area is used.
What to find on the Island.. Modern house, with Basement, huge outside area, where there is 3 caves, forest, beach, and much more.
A hidden room is there also some where (Some bad things have might have happen there).. Where the caves and the hidden room are, i wont spoil, it's up to the owners to find ;) 

That was a little preview of what rooms i share for now.

To find these rooms, see the link in post #1

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Time to show some new stuff i have done ;)

The first i show is the new free to download house/home

It was my first house i made back when we got build editor. And ohh boy i was a noob that time. (yeah yeah, maybe i still am ;) )
But now i have rebuild "Spanish House" to 2021 version. 
It was a bigger job then i thought, but was all worth it, and funny to go back in time and make an old room alive once again.

Plenty of poses every where, and some of my own sex poses is added there as well. (See Pic's)

I have not added to much things into the room. So you can still add your own stuff there. 
I have used some of my own creations, but also added creations from other amazing builders there.

Seek and explore to find what is there..
example Cave(s)

You can see on the picture where to find it if you want this home ;)

Enjoy and have fun


Lexzia 💋

2021-05-16 12-49-40_354548.jpg

2021-05-16 12-49-58_356274.png

2021-05-16 12-50-07_357213.png

2021-05-16 12-50-31_358973.png

2021-05-16 12-50-53_360266.png

2021-05-16 12-51-02_360924.png

2021-05-16 12-51-09_361558.png

2021-05-16 12-51-22_362288.png

2021-05-16 12-52-12_366964.png

2021-05-16 12-52-25_367656.png

2021-05-16 12-53-04_369816.png

2021-05-16 13-11-52_449797.png

2021-05-16 13-12-50_453091.png

2021-05-16 13-13-05_454230.png

2021-05-16 13-13-14_455025.png

2021-05-16 13-13-34_456572.png

2021-05-16 13-13-49_457753.png

2021-05-16 13-14-15_459674.png

2021-05-16 13-14-28_460774.png

2021-05-16 13-16-13_468892.png

2021-05-16 13-16-30_469873.png

2021-05-16 13-17-20_473329.png

2021-05-16 13-17-50_475916.png

Edited by Lexzia
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