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Hello, I write in the name of the Red Baron Band, and perhaps also with the support of other rock bands in 3dx or locations with others musical genres. I have been in 3dx for many years and I have seen good updates in clothing, the world editor, types of dances, sexual poses... and in the way the game itself works. But curiously, the theme of music and instruments remain the same as when I entered 3dx many years ago.


In recent years, the rock music festivals held in the game have multiplied. The influx of people to these locations and events, where music is the main attraction, has grown exponentially, in fact they are among the locations with the most attendance. And especially since 2020, many rock bands have been born in 3dx and perform at these events and festivals or in the rock music locations that open weekly in 3dx. Besides, I have also seen locations where classical music concerts are held, also with a lot of people, where the instruments have been built with the world editor to be able to use them. Obviously without animation.

This rise of rock music and other musical genres in 3dx does not correspond to the lack of updates to the game in relation to instruments. I open this topic to suggest that the instruments be updated in two ways. On the one hand, more instruments could be added (saxophones, piano, violins, or different types of guitars). On the other hand, poses could be added to the instruments. So that the avis can play the instrument (as they are right now), run around the stage playing the guitar, throw the drummer's drumsticks in the air, be able to walk with different rhythms while singing.


Come on, game developers, why don't you think about this?






Whoever wants to support this topic es free to make a replica showing their support,






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Hello everyone, as Eyleen indicates, the initiative to create new musical and interactive instruments in the game can be a way to bring users closer to any type of musical activity. Progressively, users use all types of instruments in their rooms and stages, improving their event.

Thank you for this initiative, Kisses EyleenParadiso_Rock_Logo-03.png?ex=6536916c&is

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I totally agree with Eyleen, the music scene on 3d has grown a lot in recent years and I am also convinced that people join 3d for the music.

There have been many updates in recent years but, as Eyleen says, hardly anything has been done for the music scene in terms of instruments and that's really a shame because that would make club owners and bands more fun to play the game and I think that's quite a lot by now who follow the music scene on 3d

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As one of the oldest groups around, consisting of mainly rock and metal music fans, of whom some perform as the BONES band, we support the Red Baron Band's request for increasing  the amount and possible actions of the 3DXChat instrument's inventory. Until now just the one single instrument pose is available, while playing an instrument.

Furthermore, we believe music is one of the most essential parts of our virtual world, being played in different styles in every room. We support the idea, being able to express music in visible actions more variable too.

"Expressing music in avatar actions" from our point of view is basically possible in dancing, AND performing with instruments. It is our conviction that the abilities to express music as visible avatar action and playing various instruments, should be a more important goal for 3DXChat's developement.

The BDSMetal Gang with its band BONES herewith signs the Red Baron Band initiative for more and improved music instruments in 3DXChat.


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I have said it once, Ill say it again, there is no excuse other than laziness at not putting in a Fender P bass or J bass in the game as Fender will not sue over the body or neck shape (theyve openly admitted this themselves), the only trigger to a lawsuit would be the use of the Fender name ON the headstock (which at these resolutions you wouldnt be able to see anyways), otherwise Fender does not care. Hence why the Stratocaster is the most copied guitar in the world, both in real life as well as media. I, as well as Apothic, fully support this idea.

LyGocMNs_200x200 circle.png

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I'd love to see more pose options and instruments for band play in 3DX.  Things like tossing drum sticks, slower drumming (maybe with a speed slider), wild guitar solos, play a guitar walking around the stage (maybe similar how we can hold a drink and drink it today), and maybe some more pose options at the microphone.  Even just sitting at the drums and not playing the guitar while holding it for parts of songs where that instrument does not play would help.  All this would add more immersion for playing these instruments and make playing in a band more challenging.  



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I totally agree with you Eyleen, we should have more Functions as Band.

a speed change in the guitar playing would also be nice. not on all song you need 

fly over the stings. on the drums i wish we could use all drums not only the 2 we bang on.

Walk with the Mirco in the crowd and sing would be nice to.



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As a representative and member of the Jrock band Doll EnvyドールエンヴィーI support this proposal to increase the number of instrumental variants as well as stage equipment to be had for all music-related events. I have been a member of 3DXchat for almost 10 years. I think it's about time we got some love for the musicians and DJs of 3DX who really keep the game alive with their talents and hard determination to really make 3DX an awesome experience even for the more casual player. 



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Kedves Eyleen!

Mi az Ön oldalán állunk, több eszközre van szükségünk. Annak tudatában, hogy a frissítések nem érkeznek gyorsan és egyszerűen, minden új hangszert szívesen látunk. :)

We are trying to put poses to built instruments, we have our congas too...  Like we use double bass with pose too. But naturally it's just to make the stage more colourful but not resolve the problem. A Backdoor to Hell veled van!:)


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