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Yes Nicole, That's right, we can build perfect instruments with the world editor, but we can't animate them. That is the task of the game developers. The quality of this game would greatly increase if they introduced updates to this area of the game. There are many users who are asking for it, I hope they take note and give us some surprises in future updates

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Piano, violin, sax and bass would be very appreciated. After all, music is a HUGE part of 3dx, for many it's as important as sex, for some even more.

I hope to finally see the piano in next update (the most played instrument in the world). It would be a sign that the devs take the players' wishes into consideration. 🙂

I would also like to have a speed control when we play an instrument, just like the one we have for sex, or when we play with our own personal instrument, hehe... 😜

Sometimes a slow tune is playing and seeing your avatar playing the guitar as if it was AC/DC kind of breaks the immersion... But really, this is just a detail, having more instruments is the priority!

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