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  1. He can`t as the meshes belongs to EA and there is no way that they would agree to license it out to this.
  2. No i don`t. Even if your story is true, you knew that the "hired help" was stealing content, yet no word to the community about it before you got caught red handed on Steam. Fact remains that you have banned several people on here and Discord for asking about it or making post about the stolen hairstyles in the past, so you have known for a while, and i honestly believe you would still have kept silent if it was not for several recent posts on Steam. As for your story about paying for the licenses, i`ll just ask them and EA if and when you eventually did so but i think we both know the answer to that already.
  3. Those are the only ones not stolen from Sims3, Skyrim and KS Hairdo`s in particular. Here is six random ones Chambers and Chihuahua : https://imgur.com/TAMxWrF Coven : https://imgur.com/0aAWGPF Paradox and Paraguay : https://imgur.com/NZn1Y7s Sweetvillan : https://imgur.com/ER22j2D The rest you can search trough yourself : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6817
  4. Atle

    3DXChat on Steam

    Considering that Gizmo and Lisa are nothing but thieves, he`s not. All hairstyles since build 413 are stolen from Sims3, Skyrim and KS Hairdo`s in particular. Here is six random ones Chambers and Chihuahua : https://imgur.com/TAMxWrF Coven : https://imgur.com/0aAWGPF Paradox and Paraguay : https://imgur.com/NZn1Y7s Sweetvillan : https://imgur.com/ER22j2D The rest you can search trough yourself : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6817
  5. Technically they do cater to men more than women since most of the female avatars in here are played by men, but i do get your point, and i would love to see more clothes for men. What i would really like though is chest hairs.
  6. It was 20 bucks a month for over eight years until Covid hit and they cut the price in half, a lot of people in here also had and still have several accounts, so yes they made good money.
  7. How should i know ? I only said it`s not impossible, and it`s not.
  8. A user controlled add on was made by volunteers to improve LL`s SL well over a decade ago, where you can adjust all the axis during sex to match your partner regardless of what scaling your character uses and that works flawlessly ...
  9. It is not impossible. You make an item, send it to someone that works for 3DX for quality and bug control before they either reject it or admit it into a a pool of other user created items and release it all to the public in a patch once a week or month. That way it is in the game library and can be viewed by all, but only used by those that have purchased it.
  10. Atle

    3DXChat on Steam

    It was just a silly thing. You asked MeiLing "btw, who you represent as we?" but you started your comment with "we do need this " so the question then becomes "who do you represent as we?"
  11. I have 867 mods in a close to 1 TB version of Skyrim and my favorite mods are a pair of glasses and a hair clip, so I`ll second that. Well it would be nice with anything new tbh.
  12. Atle

    3DXChat on Steam

    Uuhm ... you see what you did there ?
  13. I actually like the Steam idea, but i do think it will be business as usual soon if we don`t get anything new to play with for both the existing community and the new players sake, as a lot of them will leave when they get to see behind the curtain. So in the words of Winnie the pooh «‘Honey or condensed milk with your bread?’ he was so excited that he said, ‘Both,’ and then, so as not to seem greedy, he added, ‘But don’t bother about the bread, please.’»
  14. Or maybe make a short text that says something like "Heya, i am to busy to talk now, sorry, have fun" before you go in any room and just copy paste it to those you don`t want to talk to ? It is dismissive and polite at the same time.
  15. Atle

    3DXChat on Steam

    Steam shows adult content to anyone that checks the box saying that they want to see it. You can enable Family Options (aka Parental Controls) but most kids knows how to circumvent it, and those that won`t bother just make a new account, set an adult birthday, click to allow adult content and viola, you are now allowed to buy adult games.
  16. Si vous le comprenez, il n'est pas nécessaire d'expliquer, si vous ne le faites pas, cela ne sert à rien de l'expliquer de toute façon.
  17. And getting a lot of snot nosed teens in return for the free admission ? Nah i`m good
  18. It would require a lot of extra work, work takes time, and updates for any new content are taking enough time as it is.
  19. There is none. There will not even be one when Klaus Schwab and his globalist buddies get facial recognition in place just to access the net "to protect the children" Anything made by humans can be circumvented by humans.
  20. Honestly not sure if you are serious or not. Maybe they found one, if i could pay with only the numbers, so could they. Or the parents card, scammed one, stole one or bought or traded one from someone that have stolen / scammed / found one for cash ... There were 1.036 million reports of identity theft in 2023 and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission reported $8.8 billion where lost by consumers due to credit card fraud ... they all came from somewhere ... Yeah ...from the website "All transactions are 100% discreet. No adult information will appear on your statement." Now imagine the kid looking over at his parents with huge puppy dog eyes "Sorry mom, i just really wanted the game, and it was only on sale on Steam today, i`ll pay you back, i really, really promise"
  21. Last time i bought a subscription, there where no security checks, no additional codes, no verification on phone / mail / text. All i had to do was type in the numbers on the card, so it would not be hard for anyone of any age to use someone else's.
  22. Atle


    I never got the whole futa thing, but that is some serious sexy shit. *goes to get the lotion
  23. What are yourself ? An average person contains about 30 trillion human cells and 39 trillion bacteria and then there is cell replacement that occurs on a regular basis. About 330 billion cells are replaced daily, equivalent to about 1 percent of all our cells, making you a brand new you in 80 to 100 days. So who are you if you are constantly changing ? Is an exact replication of you every now and then still you ? How do you know that you are still "you" ? Your self awareness, your ID ? Or what your sense of self is based upon, your inherent accumulation of knowledge, your thought behavior, your memories ? They can`t be trusted either as numerous neuroscience researchers have proven over and over. You have roles you’re born into, such as a son, daughter, brother, sister, man, woman, father, and mother. Then there are roles you choose to take on, like a student, employee, boss, entrepreneur, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, and wife. Additionally there are roles with labels that you may resonate with, such as a charity worker, environmental advocate, political party supporter, a sports fan or a person that role play as a cop in a sex game, making your role play in the game a part of a role you play in real life. Some of these roles we choose—because they are an expression of our values, or because they seem exciting or pleasurable. But many of the roles are roles that were chosen for us or are ones we fall into unconsciously—because we think it’s “what we’re supposed to do” or because we don’t know anything different. To achieve success in the role you play, having certain qualities is helpful. Often it is about finding and possessing the right combination of qualities to truly embrace your roles. For instance if you are into sports it is quite helpful to have physical attributes that can assist you, but it is not an absolute and there have been many cases trough the ages that prove this in both ways. The ones that looked like they would do great in sports and did not and the ones that superseded all expectations and their physical short comings by sheer will. What they have in common is that they both fall into the “what we’re supposed to do” category. And who pushed them into this category ? Maybe the parents, filling the holes in their own role, by fulfilling their own desires trough their offspring, killing a whole flock of birds with one stone trough the successful parent role, the "i was never any good, but my child is" role and amongst the many others an seemingly altruistic one where you are simply glad your child is healthy and happy, but is it though ? Is there such a thing as true altruism ? Friends maybe, both conscious to fulfill their friend role and unconsciously trough the "monkey see, monkey do", in this case friends that fill their role better than one self does, or maybe the ever increasing pressure to be ... something. They are all still roles we play in order to find our way trough life and back home. Or to use the words of one of my favorite musicians Marina Diamandis : "We live, we die, we steal, we kill, we lie Just like animals but with far less grace We laugh, we cry like babies in the night Forever running wild in the human race All the hate coming out from a generation Who got everything and nothing guided by temptation Were we born to abuse, shoot a gun and run Or has something deep inside of us come undone? Is it a human trait or is it learned behaviour? Are you killing for yourself or killing for your saviour? Underneath it all, we're just savages Hidden behind shirts, ties and marriages How could we expect anything at all? We're just animals still learning how to crawl Truth is in us all, cradle to the grave We're just animals still learning to behave"
  24. We are all role playing in here in some form. People role play all the time in real life, even if they are not aware of it, we adapt to our surroundings and are more like a lump of clay than a statue, so it is only logical that we also do it here. We change persona according to the situation we are in, you are not the same with your friends that you are around your mom. You are at your best when you meet people for the first time, people you admire, someone that scare you, people you like, have a crush on and if you are in love, you are really not the same person anymore. When love fades you become someone else again, and so it goes this thing called life ... Enjoy it while it lasts.
  25. Maybe everything is made like the coat with just air underneath instead of skin to make the items and the avi`s lighter, thus making it impossible to use sheer fabric without adding the body and a lot more work in the process first ? It sure would.
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