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  1. I never noticed until now since i`ve never used it, but the only thing i can create is forum posts like this. Does anyone else have the same issue ?
  2. They probably meant in the form of a gift, with a nice wording.
  3. Objects / Items are found where they where last saved, so if i save a chair where i normally build, that might be different from where you build and when you merge my chair, it will not be located where you built, but where i did. Try and fly (zoom) around for a bit and see if you spot the objects. For simultaneously rotation, all the items you want to move need to be grouped together, ( you can do this by clicking on an item and hold down ctrl to click on another, then click on the 5`th last button to the right to group them all ). Then use a scroll down button on top, near the middle called pivot. Drag that down and click so it says center and then you can rotate all. Hope that helps
  4. I still use my close to 1 tb hard modded version every day while i wait for Starfield
  5. They should finish and implement the scale tool they started on ages ago, so one can walk around in whatever length one chooses.
  6. Yeah, stop sharing.
  7. Just a little fyi since you are using a TM in the room description in the game... UMBRELLA Trademark - Serial Number 86253194 UMBRELLA is a trademark of Umbrella Product Technology's LLC. Filed in April 15 (2014), the UMBRELLA covers 3-in-1 hair conditioners; 3-in-1 hair shampoos; ...
  8. he`s a cool dude, reminds me of a young Watkin Jones or Ninja if you like, that i heard about 10 or so years before youtube was even a thing ... or 20+ before they became the censoring propaganda machine it is now.
  9. It does show very recent content on one of the sites, well unless the vids i saw was manipulated, and there are a ton of stuff that we only dream of ... so if it was me, I would focus on damage control. Then again, I think most of us have very little interest in moving to some shady servers that only exist because they stole the content from here, I know I certainly don`t, so maybe the dev`s think like that too and focus on creating and the new update ... ? Who knows, it`s not like we are kept in the loop about anything ...
  10. There are apparently four hacked versions of the game currently running on private severs now so I think Gizmo and Liza are busy focusing on trying to salvage what they have, rather than create more.
  11. I`ll listen to anything that is not listed on the propaganda machine called YouTube
  12. Well, I am not going to argue over semantics, "hire" was used to illustrate that one uses someone else to help the room grow, regardless of pay or not, but if you insist we can talk about the concept of altruism, and whether or not it truly exists in order to determine if someone is getting paid or not, but a forum for a sex game hardly seems like the place for it. I do like their builds, and the people in them as you get the feeling that it is a labor of love, and i will probably drop by again sometime.
  13. Uhhm i`m in there now, and there are 20 hired dancers, greeters, bartenders, general "staff" and a lot of their friends, so that`s not exactly true, but i like them and their rooms, so i`m staying for a bit.
  14. I feel i see rock rooms all the time, there was one that open just now with 70 people in it seconds after launch, but i`m guessing that was just "dancers" "staff" "friends" and so on. As for Hip Hop .. well i`ve been in love with it since 83 but i get your point :]
  15. I recently learned to build, so i am not in any way, shape or form up there with the amazing ones, but i find it pretty fun, and i would have loved to see you. One of the not so fun things happened during this weekend when I decided to open one of my rooms that i thought turned out pretty good. First i made the playlists, and since i have played in some minor clubs in real life i wanted them to really stand out and give the visitors a great first impression, so it took a few days to get them "just right". During the set up phase i realized i needed a hosting service for the stream, and landed on MyRadioStream for €29.43 and since my usual organizer Media Monkey was a real pain to set up and use for streaming, i landed on the pro version of Virtualdj that cost €23/MO. I used a couple of days to set it up and test that it all worked properly, used the next two weeks to determine what the best time to play would be and landed on four hours on Friday, another four on Saturday and the same on Sunday. All from 5PM to 9PM UK time since it was relatively quiet then and no other rooms played the Industrial / metal / emo / screamo i wanted to play, but i guess i could have missed some that only used a name on the club and not music genre. On Friday the 21`st at 5 PM I went live for the very first time, and I played until 9 PM with 0 people visiting. I did the same on Saturday with the same number of people visiting, so on Sunday i used some Xgold and promoted it three, four times every hour and this time i actually got 1 person inside, but he left within seconds, so it could have gone better. The real irony is that during this time, there where several people in wc that "complained" about the lack of diversity in music and nowhere new to go in here ...
  16. So true. Almost all poses in the game are lacking in precision. They all clip or have air, even when you walk or stand, there is an air gap between your feet and the ground. Most of the default furniture poses clip into the chair material both alone or in a pose with someone. All of the dance poses and almost all of the sex poses have a different starting point for some reason, and even though it breaks the immersion if you or your partner suddenly turn 90, 180 or 270 degrees every time you select a new pose, i would rather have all we currently have, even if they are slightly flawed, then just a couple that are flawless.
  17. There are no such things as stupid suggestions in here, and this is a good idea
  18. I got a "hang on my husband is coming home" once ... was weird to say the least
  19. I beg the differ, there are some insane builds out there that makes the general locations look like they are build by five year olds in lego, but each to their own i guess. Anyhoo, I`ve been in love with hip hop since 83, so you get my vote.
  20. That is what i do as well.
  21. Not much to do about it, as they are paying costumers that chose to play the game in a different way. Just leave the room and avoid the rooms/hosts in the future I guess. I find it more annoying that a third of the list is usually filled with rooms that have 0 people in them.
  22. Getting the outdoor and indoor lights just right to match the vibe of the room is part of the fun of building.
  23. I don`t think so, I lost one of my builds a while back, all that was left of it was the water, anything else was gone, but luckily i had a save so i only lost a couple of hours of work. Save often on more than one place has been my mantra ever since then.
  24. Visa and Mastercard tend to charge merchants processing fees between 1.5 percent and 2.5 percent to accept their credit cards, whereas American Express charges 2.5 percent to 3.5 percent. While this may not seem like a significant difference, the gap in fees can make accepting American Express an unattractive proposition. After all, a business that does $100,000 in credit card sales per week would much rather pay $1,500 to $2,500 in fees to accept credit cards versus $2,500 to $3,500. Link from 2021 It`s just a numbers game like anything else these days.
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