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  1. So, anyone knows when the problem could be solved? I have couple of free time now so I was expecting to play the game little bit. So just wondering
  2. Hello everyone! So, maybe title of this topic is not the right one, but I think it slightly might affect the issue I am having: is it possible, that in case my network is not that great (even though I am in the rooms and I can see the other people there) other people won't see me or my messages? I am asking that because lots of times I see people just standing in the dancing rooms (and I guess they are dancing, not just standing like trees) or when I text someone, he/she won't reply me back. If anyone knows, if I'm having these issues because of, let's say bad connection, or if the other people are just to lazy to do anything in the rooms or reply me, please, let me know!
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