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thank you @Gizmoand @Lisa for this game.. I will add some ideas i think everyone one would love to see..


1. The possibility to grab beer from someone's hand.... Ok let me explain.... We are in RP... and I want to offer a drink to someone sitting at the lounge while im at the bar...so I grab the beer (pay 30xgold) and walk over to him / her.. now logically... he/ she can click on the beer in my hand and also pay 30 xgolds and get a beer..... this option would be great for clubs and bars especially people RPing as bartenders and hosts and it also makes since.

2. A percentage from the beer sales.... Yes! I want my percentage! My club profits 3dx with beer sales and I should get 50% commission on that.. and also.. please add more beer options and more interactive drinks.... its way over due ^^

3. Tattoo System needs adjustment, it would be more logic to set tattoo designs for each body part separately, Torso, Head, Neck, Back, Lower back, left arm, right arm, left hand, right hand, pelvis... and so on :)

4. Since we follow your discord, I have seen that a hand bag option is being developed... care to add a mobile phone to that? We have a "talking on the phone" pose without a phone actually makes us look like idiots XD

5. We need skin features to make us look different from each other... Blemishes, Moles, rashes, skin aging, skin damage, etc...

6. More group sex poses.. and the option to swap partner in MMF, FFM... in MMF the Female will be the anchor and the Males switch and in FFM the Male is the anchor and the Females switch

I will add more as I remember ^^



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