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  1. @NoirDesire Thanks for this survey. We are glad that the game became more stable and players noticed it. We study the wishes of the players also thanks to the forum, private messages in the game and discord and other social networks. Your survey accurately reflects the situation. I can say that we are working on the stability of the game and also on new updates.
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  14. Just a random thought once more. I thrive on conflict, need something to compete against. Someone to spite. I feel happiest when I know that my happiness is driving another up the wall. Not sure people will agree with that. But for me, it works. I said it many times, I am, and always will be, a narcissist. Only way for me to quantify things that happen or have happened, is to relate them back to me. How did it affect me, personally. The paradox with that last fact, is that my behavior in that regard can actually come across as very caring and
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  15. We still do - please contact me if you are interested it's really fun and a great way to get to know new people.
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  16. WEDNESDAY 20TH JAN 9 PM CET β–’ NEW BASEMENT β–’ WITH DJ LaraPure DJ Chloe DJ FrontDE and special guest DJ DyllanD hosted by Chloe featuring Sirens & Sailors
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  17. JackPine

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    Another celebrity (at least in my eyes) sighting today! Wandered over to Havasu Falls before work today to dip my feet in the water and enjoy the sun. Catching sight of a frequent contributor here and to the game, I had to say hello. What a treat!! Our conversation had to end too soon, but I look forward to next time. This place continues to surprise me!
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