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  1. Redji


    I don't know what kind of clothes you can make in 10 to 30 minutes? Show it to me, I want to smile. 1. choose the design, what you want (2 min) 😭 2. start modeling, create high poly, you can do as in zbrush. blender or marvelous (2 min)😭 3. create low poly through retopology, making less polygons, creating an optimized UV (2min) 😭 4. baking high poly on low poly, texturing (2 min)😭 5. skinning (2min) 😭 You can't even make a sock in that time. for example, if you take the thing directly from marvelous to zbrush to finish the high poly, you will not succeed, why,
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  2. Loruna


    It does indeed make no sense to say, that 3dx should not bring updates because of this stolen version. Every big onlinegame has those issues. World of Warcraft etc. The key of being ahead of this stolen version is, to bring more updates than them. Make the original game more attractive than this stolen version and you will have not even a problem with them. They can even work in the favor of the original game. A person "tests" the game on that stolen version and sees the potential. Then this person sees the original game which has way more features and a way better quality over a
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  3. Why is this should be our problem? Every project has such problem, but they dont stop doing updates. With a simple hack People are able to take any mesh from any project. Unfortunately, but this is true.
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  4. THX


    As great as unique meshes are, that isn't the only avenue to more clothing. With just the basic T-shirt already in game, .png, transparency, some textures, bmp, specular maps etc, there could have been THOUSANDS of shirts made already. Same could be said for all the other meshes in game already. The best way to negate pirates is to out produce them and make using their platform undesirable. As long as things are the way they are, knock offs will become attractive.
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  5. Alivia2


    So you say we dont get updates cause pirates steal them for their versions ? If its a yes its of no concern to the players ...we are here playing and we need updates we dont care what pirates Do lol edited ..we dont get a proper working door cause evil ppl will steal that door ? haha So u say we dont get so many other cool updates in fear bad evil ppl will steal for snip versions ? that has no logic you know why ? cause we are here playing in official
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  8. THX


    I wouldn't be suprised of a fairly big update being added during server maintenance or shortly after.
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  10. Manyasha


    This is not true. You are about to create confusion by writing information that is absolutely not true. You should think about what you are writing before you write such things.
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  14. OLESYA

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  17. Adara

    wet women

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  19. Adara


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  27. Adara

    Death Announcements

    Completely Agree!
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  28. Adara


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  31. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPRjCeoBqrI
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  33. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcrbM1l_BoI
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  34. Another incredible night!
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  35. Adara

    Mood music

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