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Hey guys,


You can use Room presets forum section to share your room presets (.dat files) with 3DX Community.

Create a topic about your room, add some screenshots, upload .dat file to any filehosting (Google Drive for example) and post a download link.


Give people an insight in the world of creativity and share with each other room designs you are proud of :)

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This is a good idea, but you should consider adding a "Merge" option, since we know it's possible.

Sometimes you don't want someone's full room, just specific parts of it, and merge option is the best for that.


For example, someone builds a fireplace, a balcony, stairs... and you want to add it to your already existing room. 



PS : Sometimes, credit is due where credit is due. Can't take credit for what the basic game doesn't provide and keep brushing it off under the rug ;)

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Yes it is, you can share any rooms. But don't post links to a third party dll please.


Are you planning to upgrade the official room's editor capabilities within a new game patch then?

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