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3DXChat Snapshot Contest - September 2016 - Black and White


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3DXChat Snapshot Contest - September 2016

Dear friends, we want to start a monthly 3DXChat Snapshot Contest. Post beautiful snapshots here and get prizes.


Theme for this month is: Black and White

Other pictures are allowed, just know that you are way more likely to win if you stick to the theme!


The winners will be picked by 4 judges that have been selected by me, i have done my best to make sure they are all from different "parts" of the game, they each get 4 votes(3 for the non edited photos and 1 for the photoshop photos)


Any questions you might have about the competition, feel free to send them to me in a pm(http://3dxforum.com/...omMemberID=4467), please do not post anything but pictures here, thanks!


  • Post your snapshots in this topic - only 1 snapshot per post
  • 1 snapshot from 1 member per day (you can post 1 snapshot every day)
  • Photoshop is allowed
  • In your post, mention any edits you might have made to your photo if any


  • Non edited photos (Black and white filter, Cropping, Minor light adjustments, text etc...)
  • First Place - 10,000 XGold
  • Second Place - 7,000 XGold
  • Third Place - 5,000 XGold
  • Edited photos (Anything you can imagine!)
  • First Place - 10,000 XGold
  • Second Place - 7,000 XGold
  • Third Place - 5,000 XGold


  • Run the game (and the patcher) as administrator but first add the game (and the patcher) to the exception list of your firewall and antivirus.
  • Use the [Print Screen] key on your keyboard to make a snapshot (it will be saved to the '3DXChat/Screenshots' folder)
  • Use these hotkeys: [shift + Z] to hide GUI; [shift + X] for a Depth of field FX;

Good Luck!

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