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Thats right! you read it right! I so so so SOOOO WISH we had a pregnancy slider in this game. 
Its simple, sexy and easy! Please devs, add something like this in the Character Editor! I would mind walking around pregnant! and I am sure I am not the only one wishing this to happen as well!
A good friend of mine found someone suggested this, and i quote:


"This, of course, could be turned on and off. Silder could be used to change the scale"


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Oh yeah Devs, eets so EASY, just put in a Slider and BOOM! dunn!


Yeah dunn worry about ya big phat baby tumms clipping thru all tha clothes and ruining all da sex poses, clipping thru every player as ya waddle yaself out onto tha dance flo eevs. 

Itll never happen, get used to tha idea.....if they cant add flat feet fo tha flat shoes then getting your baby belly is like a Burger Addict making tha Olympics.....too funny..you peeps are hilarious  😂

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