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To who ever reposted to this old thread, Thank You!

This build is H O L Y F U C K amazing, does not even look real, I can't believe how accurate it is for what there is to work with in the editor.

After seeing these pictures, I would have to say this is the best builder in 3DX hands down!

Very unfortunate this person is no longer with us, may they rest in peace.

You just don't see this level of commitment and imagination in here very often, like never.

This build must have took this person 2 years to make, WOW.

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19 hours ago, Diana Prince said:

I'm not sure, but I don't think so. Paulita, the creator of Springfield City, passed away sadly 😥
Olesya sometimes opens this most unique room, to keep the legacy of Paulita alive.

🇫🇷 Je suis choqué. Quelle tristesse. Elle était si gentille. Paix à son âme. 😢


🇺🇸 I'm shocked. How sad. She was so sweet. May she rest in peace. 😢

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