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Found 24 results

  1. Suggestion to add the option to 'favorite' the materials you like the most for easy access to them and also allowing you to ignore the ones you'll never use at all.
  2. π”Ήπ•¦π•Ÿπ•Ÿπ•ͺ π•Šπ•₯π•¦π••π•šπ•  A Video/Picture Editing Brand Founded By AmyyLoveHeart. Started Video Editing & Creative Graphics Design Early In Life, Having 9+ Years Experience With Visual Concepts That I View In My Mind Then Plan Them Out Ona Video Time Line. new logo.mp4 Enjoying The Process To Format Content In New Unique Ways, A Huge Passion To Create Stuff I Can Be Proud Of & Highlight The Adventures I Have With In This Game ---> Twitter https://twitter.com/AmyyLovsYou (Bunny Studio Parent Club Being A.I.-3DX/ Media Manger For 3DX's Most Desired Dance Team FLAUNT) Stay Tuned !
  3. Sorry but I'm not very good with descriptions and you are smart enough to understand with pictures. Right? It is understood ? Do you know what it is? it is the place where the DJ plays, when I saw it for the first time on 3dx I thought it was a kitchen! If you have the light on, I recommend you turn it off because this room is DARK. If you already have the light off, turn it on, just to let me control your lives. You don't understand the meaning of the cage, right? Well, I could say the same about your life. Hey man, I was kidding before okay? I thought: I will upload next picture with no description, except the last one, so you forgive me. Yes, yes. I put this last image just to show you how cool I am!
  4. Anyone know a method to "scoop" an indentation into a primitive cube object? Trying to easily create a sink on the top of a kitchen cabinet. Of course, inserting a furniture library "bowl" only fills the bowl with the cube surface. Ideas please? Thanks All! __Blythe
  5. Hi, this is one of my latest works, the "urban" style and the almost gaming atmosphere was the effect I had set out to recreate. The location is not available because it is used in the "chupa chupa club" events but I think I will create other environments with this style and make them available to everyone.
  6. π”Ήπ•¦π•Ÿπ•Ÿπ•ͺ π•Šπ•₯π•¦π••π•šπ•  A Video/Picture Editing Brand Founded By AmyyLoveHeart. Started Video Editing & Creative Graphics Design Early In Life, Having 8 Years Experience With Visual Concepts That I View In My Mind Then Plan Them Out Ona Video Time Line. new logo.mp4 Enjoying The Process To Format Content In New Unique Ways, A Huge Passion To Create Stuff I Can Be Proud Of & Highlight The Adventures I Have With In This Game ---> Twitter https://twitter.com/AmyyLovsYou Stay Tuned !
  7. I suggest you do some very necessary things for the editor! Please do some very necessary things for the world editor 1)Pebble beach-natural material 2) Winter trees in the snow 3)Seashells for the sea
  8. world Objects editor-round circle detail - thin round circle detail- thin square circle detail-curly thin square circle detail the sheets object the star is conical and round -spiral-objects with internal emptiness-these details are very necessary for a more comfortable construction
  9. i am currently building my room and keep having problems with the stairs; when I use it, my feet sink into the stairs. I have already aligned everything according to coordinates with 0.25 units, but despite that the error remains. I have also noticed this in other gamers' rooms. Can someone help me? I have not yet found an answer to this in any forum. warm love greetings Sakura
  10. Thought it would be nice to have a topic where we can share our creations using the new update, anything from finished projects to work in progress shots. Ill start it off with my little island ive used to get comfortable with all the new tools, lots of it will probably be reworked and changed a bit, and im planning on adding a lot more stuff in general.
  11. A bit of context : When I first subscribed to 3DXChat, It was out of curiosity. A bit of lust of course, but I was genuinely curious about what this community have to offer. It seems that, on the way, I fell in love with the World Editor. Rare are games that allow Online RP possiblities and a quick tool to enjoy it. It been a few month now that I'm enjoying making roleplay maps so I decided to share some of them (the ones I've finished or saved) > I also publish them on https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/ Maps : The Office The Office is an ... office roleplay map where co-worker enjoy a good cup of coffee between a quick fuck rush hour. It could be played as non sexual RP but many places are dedicated for kinks so it could be a bit frustrating. Many object are interactable (you can use the printers as .. support) and there are many themed room : director office, meeting room, rooftop pause, storage room, shared work-bathrooms, etc..) As it is my first map finished, there are plenty of things to improve but I'm sure it will be ok " Little Paris [WIP] The goal is to design a Paris neighouroud and make it a strong Roleplay map where many people could live / interact. I really wanted a place that could be a gathering hub for the community but also be played both ways sexual and non-sexual. There are two bars, one club, one restaurant, one grocery store, one clothing shop, one real estate office and 5 flats you can freely use. Many details and things to interact too. --- COMING SOON --- Commissions : I do not guaranty that every commissions will be made but feel free to ask me to do 3D stuff, map, themed designs. At least it will give be a good representation of what people wants And do not hesitate to give me feedback ! Love. Office.world
  12. Hi hi guys greetings greetings \o ^^ Just wanted to share with you some of my creations. I've spent a lot of hours building them and considering I've no more time to build and even play like before, I just thought to share them with you. Feel free to download and use them if you'll like them. Have fun! I'll start with my Keyboards: Korg Karma [download link] I needed them for my BlackFlame Stadium. I tried to reproduce what I saw in this pic: And this is the final result: Enjoy! I'll share more things during the next days so, stay tuned Hugs and kisses :* <3
  13. Yesterday morning (Saturday Feb 29, 2020) I was in the room editor building a new room. After a while when clicking on the room editor the load screen load icon spins for a second and then freezes. I am then totally dumped from the game. Game icon gone, as if I exited the game completely. So now when I log in my default room is the room I was in the process of building. If I attempt to enter the room editor, again the game closes up on me. I downloaded and reinstalled the game again this morning and the issue still exits. I can no longer get into the room editor. Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone have a fix for this? Thanks, Adriano
  14. Are there any programs outside of 3DXChat that you can use to create/edit your .world files?
  15. Hi everyone, I have this issue, (trying to make group alligned to x y z axis) When we have a Group of items, we cannot edit Transform as it was a single item.(Group value is always 0). If you see the attached picture, I want to whole group to be straight on x y z axis (the Sofa + objects)....impossible as i can only do it piece by piece... Also Snap angle does not accept decimals
  16. Hello 3DXChat Community! We want to let you know of something big we have been working on. We are working on a powerful World Editor (User Rooms)! With scalable basic primitive shapes you can build structures and worlds of any complexity and style. Features available in the first release: - Basic scalable primitives: Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, Ladder etc. - Materials: Now materials can be applied to different building blocks, for example to make a brick house with a tiled roof etc. - Tools: Rotation, Moving, Scaling using the X, Y and Z axis, using new tools like you would in 3D modeling software. - World Tools: Snap objects to surface, Snap objects to grid, Adjusting the level of the ocean etc. - Effects: Fire, Smoke, Electric Discharge etc. - Water: Simple Water for low performance systems now supports waves and caustics. - Backward compatibility with old User Rooms. Now you will be able to make a floor not from thousands of tables, hehe, but from one stretched primitive box. This will increase the fps for many visitors to your location Stay tuned!
  17. So I got this weird bug, everything used to work, I haven't changed anything, it just stopped working from one day to the other. I can load in rooms on the world editor, change the room etc. etc. When I re-enter, no matter what I do, I will get back to my old room. I can add new objects in, but I cannot delete them or change them after the rooms has been saved. First I tried changing the proxy. So I tried reinstalling the game, that didn't work. So I tried reinstalling the game and running Gizmo's tool, that didn't work. So then I tried to Uninstall, reboot, use Gizmo's tool, reboot, install 3DX, reboot, then lunch the game, letting it update and finally reboot again. That didn't help either, so I'm lost on what to do now. Does anyone have the same issue or is it just me ? Or does somebody have another idea on how to solve this ?
  18. hi everyone this is the new club my sweet bf made he did most of the stuff from guitars seat stracture i only did floors wall deco n lights here some pics suitable for rock n metal parties with multi layered walls that can be easilly deco to any likings
  19. Hello everyone this is now my own room i build well it has a title but i wont mention now as its too early here is a preview i promise you lots of unique stuff that no ones has build lots of hi tec stuff also its on a whole other level than what builders do but expect spaceships hi tec objects space crafts unique buildings stractures n many more that i wont say now just few pics n maybe some will get the idea where i go with this Look at this now u see why free is dead now its not random cheap stuff just started well it will take sometime but in the end you will see something amazing . for now i just build various stracture so later i see which ones ill use
  20. HELLO:) Following the same path as my friend Katay, I publish photos of my clubs so that one day someone would say that it is his club (MYSZKA, I am talking about you). I do not see a way to secure my places, I do not want to spend time building this, I was betrayed by such unhappy people as this man (MYSZKA) ALL THOSE ROOMS ARE PERFORMED BY ME AND MY WIFE AND THERE IS NO OTHER RIGHT TO OPEN THEM, ONLY ME AND MY WIFE 1. CRAZY CLUB 2.Jungle Club 3.Octopus 4.Smurf party 5.Asterix & Olbelix
  21. Hello Guys!!! Today I will present you our new room, by me and my wife. This location is created in the style of high loft, a small, cozy place for your leisure. Here you can hold home parties, chat with friends, spend time with your halves. I created a survey if he gets enough votes then I'll post a file with the location. And now some pics...
  22. As the subject line says, How do you make lights blink in sequence? I have seen this effect in various 'nightclub' worlds but for the life of me can't figure out how they do it. The illuminations in-game seem to have their own timer which can't be changed. Any help would be much appreciated.
  23. Hello everyone! Well this topic is to make a little survey about what people think about developing a 3dxstore that all free content can be put there in a more better way.... so I actually discovered wix last year and it is a badass tool for website building for those who dont know coding such as myself.... its just drag and drop just like the World Editor .... so I came up with this idea to collect all those free content in one organized place.... so if you see that its worth it I need you to vote with yes or no or/an what you think or what should be added here is the link for you to view it I have added some freebies from the thread on the forums.. well without permission from the publishers but just to try out the idea (sorry guys). So please I need everyone to participate.. this thing is for all of us and especially for those who have difficulties building things.... I made this just to help you out! I want everyone to have amazing rooms and have fun with the features that the devs added recently... ***** UPDATE ***** As Requested the name was changed to "3DXWORKSHOP"
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