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  1. Issues have been reported You could face these problems with the game: Unable to login Important message A message from Gizmo Dear 3DXChat Community, The game server is undergoing technical work. The connection to the game may be lost for several hours. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding! All active players will receive compensation of game time and xgold. I not can, but thanx my dear for help Kisses Sakura
  2. My profile is now without a nickname and I have lots of gifts (125) and pictures (15). My avatar normal has 1 picture 1 gift. Something is not right
  3. I signed up an hour ago, for the first time in 8 hours, and got this message Never see it before
  4. I believe you my Dear! I can now log in again and after about 30 seconds I'm offline, maybe things will get better soon, I'm full of hope. By the way, my profile says that I am now 3DX and not Sakura Kisses
  5. I have this problem now too, just for information, does anyone know how long I have to wait to can log in again? 1 Minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or ...
  6. Thank you for your answer Mai-Ling, the world I wanted to load and save is 948KByte. Yeah, I think you're right, maybe it's a server problem. Because sometimes something works and then it doesn't. I'll just wait a while and try again later. Kisses Sakura
  7. Hello dear 3DX friends, I have a problem as a builder “My World”. For me we only display water with my avatar. Regardless of what I build or whether I load a world xxx.world, when I finish and reload, it's all water again. Maybe someone can help me? Greetings and kisses your Sakura
  8. @all Thank you very much for the answers! @NiceKati the basic manual helps a lot. Kisses sakura
  9. Hello @all lovely people. okay, I'm new here and am amazed that the rooms that I was in yesterday and that were good with 30-50 people ... can no longer be found today. E.g. a room that had a gloryhole in the title. How does it work here, are the rooms only open for a short time, are there any rules or hints? Thank you very much in Voarus for answers Lots of kisses sakura
  10. The text in the profile cannot be translated, ctrl. C and allse does not work. Would be good if there was feasible Kisss Sakura
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