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  1. I have no experience with roleplay and yet I have created a room here that could be a roleplay room, I can't judge that. Briefly about the story: my room was called “FutaGirlsMilkingFactory [RL]” until yesterday and I would like to use the room name “FutanariMilkFactory [RL]” today, because this name fits the room itself better. The prehistory of the little shy innocent nice milkmaid became the futanari with huge breasts for milking, produced for futas and girls. The mutation to the dairy cow was after the UFOs appeared in the sky. But the aliens don't like to be talked about. Anyone can milk or be milked, I like to give the milk directly from my huge tits. All people, characters, avatars are welcome in the FutanariMilkFactory room. In real life I live in Asia and do not open the room regularly, if it is more in the afternoons after European time. I am happy to accept criticism, suggestions and help. My thanks to xXKaiXx who made some machines available to me. Of course, it makes me happy for every user who visits the room. Drink more milk! LG Milkmaid (aka Sakura)
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