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  1. A few photos from the new club
  2. again, the server does not work?lol
  3. Today 12.11 spin AlexDeFlopy 6pm cest:)
  4. Hello everyone . This is my new idea for a good party every evening, the club is open to everyone, and everyone will find something they look for here. I want everyone to dj evening evening with their music, so I invite dj, as well as dancers. Please contact me in pm
  5. Alivia really everyone has the right to choose ?? What if he does not come to you? THIS IS YOUR POLICY
  6. Helloo This room will be open as often as possible, everyone will find something for themselves. Any dj who will want to play in this room, just write to me when the room is open
  7. It was just great party , but Lili..........whyyyyyyyy did not say "yes" :P
  8. Woohoo forum back
  9. TY SOO MUCH OLESYA:))))) it was wonderful, thank you all
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