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  1. A bit of context : When I first subscribed to 3DXChat, It was out of curiosity. A bit of lust of course, but I was genuinely curious about what this community have to offer. It seems that, on the way, I fell in love with the World Editor. Rare are games that allow Online RP possiblities and a quick tool to enjoy it. It been a few month now that I'm enjoying making roleplay maps so I decided to share some of them (the ones I've finished or saved) > I also publish them on https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/ Maps : The Office The Office is an ... office roleplay map where co-worker enjoy a good cup of coffee between a quick fuck rush hour. It could be played as non sexual RP but many places are dedicated for kinks so it could be a bit frustrating. Many object are interactable (you can use the printers as .. support) and there are many themed room : director office, meeting room, rooftop pause, storage room, shared work-bathrooms, etc..) As it is my first map finished, there are plenty of things to improve but I'm sure it will be ok " Little Paris [WIP] The goal is to design a Paris neighouroud and make it a strong Roleplay map where many people could live / interact. I really wanted a place that could be a gathering hub for the community but also be played both ways sexual and non-sexual. There are two bars, one club, one restaurant, one grocery store, one clothing shop, one real estate office and 5 flats you can freely use. Many details and things to interact too. --- COMING SOON --- Commissions : I do not guaranty that every commissions will be made but feel free to ask me to do 3D stuff, map, themed designs. At least it will give be a good representation of what people wants And do not hesitate to give me feedback ! Love. Office.world
  2. Hello to the devs, hello to the community. I suppose that most of the things presented here have already been asked or suggested. As I didn't explore the whole forum, I'm allowing myself to express my suggestions. First, a bit of context. I first started to play this game out of curiosity, like many people over here. Virtual sex is fun, but it didn't hook me up that much. On the other hand, community roleplay and the possibilites of the world editor convinced me to subscribe for a longer period; as I didn't find a way to create and roleplay that easily in other games. Today, I spend most of my time buidling maps with the editor, and roleplay when I find intersting people. Still, I strongly believe that this game have an huge potential in roleplay. Even more that you have the possibility to build maps quickly, and directly integrate then online. As I want the game to go in this direction I would suggest you, devs, to add more ropleplay / life sim element to the game. By "life sim" I mean the possibiliy to devellope a "non-sexual" face of the game, than ressemble to our IRL current life. Some of my current idea are : * Role definition. the map-admin (or more) could define "role" for their visitor, not necessarily with special right, that could help build hierachy relations (admin, mod, watcher, etc..), roleplay jobs (cooker, plumber, police, etc..), relationships (couple, boss, etc...) * More "everyday" life interaction (cooking , washing , wandering on your phone, getting drunk ,etc...) * Casual clothes. Basic ones are great, but sometime a pull-over or a tailleur, high-waist jean are cool too. + every other user-based suggestion for the roleplay field If you want some argument : - Some people have already asked for less sexual / roleplay / lifesim content - Everone will, at some point, need complex interactions. Even the "No chat just sex" will need this in their gaming experience. The long term subscribers are already looking for this - It will attract a more diverse player base, as you will be one of the only game with a lifesim gameplay that allow sex interaction in a simple way. Of course, that's just my opinion, no big deal about it and people could disagree Thanks for reading me ! (and sorry for my non-native english) -
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