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    Animation School

    MotionBuilder will not work since the 3dx rig cannot be validated in it .. the 3dx rig uses custom bone names. It's easier to just export bvh from another program. I am working on a Blender rig for that .. (blender export to bvh -> max import to bvh -> max convert to bip). So far I have gotten everything right except for hand movements, the neck, and one of the spine bones. Once I get those right I can focus on the remaining less-important bones. It'll just take some trial and error since this hasn't really been done before. (this is just a test animation) Blender render: Blender rig with mocap rig constrained to it: Imported into 3dsmax biped: 3dxchat's biped rig: ^The knees are pulling away because the bottom spine bone isn't getting any rotations, and the pelvis' location needs fixing
  2. And new cumshot poses maybe? These last two pictures below were created using the existing cum textures/bump maps (and a separate alpha), so there's no extra work required in the art department:
  3. I made some of these animations faster than the others to demonstrate how fast they can be played without looking too weird. Some of them are jumpy but that's just how they saved as a gif. And yes there's a lot of oral because there's barely any in-game already, though the majority of these are user suggestions from this thread. These are all 16-20 frame loop animations, while an in-game animation would be something like 120 frames (I'm just guessing). Those animations would have constraints on certain bones to change their movement over time to make it look less repetitive. None of these pictures here have polished head/face/hand/finger/legs/feet bone movement, they're simply for demonstration. These all took about 20-30 minutes each but if I were to do a full animation it would have all of the above and only take about an hour to complete each final 'pose'. Why am I doing this? Because right now I have nothing better to do (holiday woo woooo) and more importantly I want to show you how easy this is (lazy devs).
  4. Sorta like this? Or some simple ones: I check in here every now and then to see what's new.. and ... nothing is ever new. So I'll just say to you, keep dreaming! But this stuff is insanely easy to make.
  5. But that wasn't the point. This isn't about alts..it's about them charging xgold for a feature that used to be free and lying to players saying it's a solution for an existing problem that's easily solvable by other means. They are simply trying to make money off of this change, nothing more. They charge xgold for weddings because it cost them time and money to create that update. Now personally I don't really care what the outcome is since I don't plan on resubbing any time soon, but I enjoyed my time in the community when I did play.. and I'd hate to watch yet another game go down the dumps due to bad decisions and greed. If they keep this up it's only going to get worse..
  6. Now I haven't played for some time, nor did I use alts (except for Goosea that hot bearded babe). But I saw this update and I had to comment.. and my opinion is simply from a business standpoint. Charging xgold to create a character is just another baby-step towards a full micro-transaction environment (or macro, in this case). It started with drinks, weddings, and then gallery pics. None of those should cost real money to begin with. They used a similar excuse for weddings saying they're charging xgold to avoid spam proposals, yet you could have just blocked them for free. 3dx strived off of being a one-payment system, only a subscription and nothing else. People already pay $20/mo, why should they pay extra when you have staff and volunteers to deal with player reports? Instead you are punishing your playerbase with extra fees rather than solving the problem. 10k per alt is simply a money grab masqueraded as a solution, exactly like the wedding system payments. 3dx devs, do you want to know how to solve the problem of harassment and trolling? Harsher punisments for violations. It's this simple: 1st offense: 24hr suspension (no warnings, they already agreed to the rules upon registration) 2nd offense: 7 day suspension 3rd offense: 14 day suspension 4th offense: 30 day suspension (or permanent ban in extreme cases) Attack the problem at the root, and don't make your players pay out of pocket for your laziness and greed-- otherwise you will lose them.
  7. I'm pretty positive it's just HTML, though it's possible they use CSS. But you can still alter the contents within with HTML attributes. If you typed into 3dx chatbox: <size=25><color=pink>hey!!!!</color></size> --- the output might look something like this: <font size="12" color="#ededed">Cordelia:</font> <font size="12" color="#94adb5"><font size=25 color=pink>hey!!!!</font></font>Or if it used CSS.. <style type="text/css"> .username {color: #ededed; font-size: 12px;} .message {color: #94adb5; font-size: 12px;} </style> <span class="username">Cordelia:</span> <span class="message"><font size=25 color=pink>hey!!!!</font></span> All it's doing is wrapping text with its own font tag, inside of the original font (or class) tag.
  8. The only clothing in 3dx that uses a diffuse texture are the un-colorable ones, eg. jeans, socks, hats..etc. Everything else uses only a bump map, and sometimes a specular. But the method you're talking about (a mask) is already used in 3dx (like the stitching or laces on male shoes). The clothing meshes that do use diffuses would just need to have a grayscale diffuse in order to be colored ingame via the picker. This would also mean creating a mask for them too, which yes is very time consuming and probably not a priority (and rightly so). But something tells me it's the way unity works (or the way 3dx is set up) where maybe you can only recolor materials and not overlay colors on textures for ingame. Or maybe they tried it and it didn't look right.
  9. Goose

    Truth or Dare? ;)

    /me approves of this message
  10. As far as I'm aware, no there isn't. But if you've set up Windows to 'lock' itself after x minutes, yes you'll be disconnected once that happens. When I go AFK and I want to stay logged in to keep my PM boxes open, I play a video file in a media player until I return. This will prevent your computer from being locked automatically, and I've never been disconnected this way.
  11. Bug: Using Shift+Z causes the chat input bug to happen (95% of the time). If you press Shift+Z to hide the UI, then again to unhide it, and then press enter to type into chat-- the chat box will become focused but typing does not work unless you press enter two more times. Rejoining the zone solves it, but this needs a fix..
  12. "Try what people said above about putting images in more public folders" My documents or desktop are not public unless you're sharing them on a network. If you're having permission problems, put the picture in the root directory of your harddrive eg. C:\ and upload from there.
  13. This is happening to me as well since the last patch. Loading all of the players in any zone used to only take <5-6 seconds. Now, it loads 1/3 of them, then over the span of a minute or longer the remaining 2/3 slowly appear one by one. It occurs in all zones, even ones with very low population. "-Character loading improved when entering a new location" Maybe this change needs to be reverted until it's working properly?
  14. Goose

    Time to Patch People

    And the "princess" one says I'm Princess... haha.
  15. Hey instead of making a sarcastic remark, give us your opinion and reasoning on why you disagree. Join the discussion.. we want to hear from both sides.
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