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  1. Gizmo


    Dear Players! Moderate network maintenance will be performed in our data center at night between January 18th - January 19th, since 11 PM till 1 AM (UTC). Several minor interruptions are expected. Thank you for understanding! Join our discord to stay informed 3DXChat Team
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  2. We badly need something like this, MF have 3 options, FF have 0 🙁 A pose that can be used anywhere.
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  8. There is a relatively easy solution to the sphere bug: use an egg shaped object, stretch it the way you want, copy it and turn the copy 180° upside down. Now you have an object group that looks almost the same as a single stretched sphere object. Here is an example: to the left you see the stretched egg and an upside-down copy above it. Move it up and down till it looks like the object group to the right.
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  11. JackPine

    Jackpine's Jaunts

    As I wait for a password reset at work I thought I should drop a line in my diary. Okay, the password reset is done, but shhhh. Priorities. 😛 The New Year is starting out much like the end of last year. Still stuck with a limited social circle outside this virtual world due to Covid concerns. For that I am happy to have found this place. It is only virtual in a sense, because I have been fortunate to meet so many people here. By and large everyone I have made an effort to get to know, they have turned out to be real, amazing and fun individuals to hang and get down with. You have
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  12. I asked for a similar pose where the standing woman have one leg behind the back of the licking woman around 5 or 6 years ago, and we still have nothing. So i fully support this one with hope that we will have at least one standing licking useable everywhere
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  13. JackPine

    Erotic Photography

    I could really use a cappuccino about now~
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  14. Music

    Music Island

    In this post I would like to introduce the little island I built for people who like to have fun exploring, so if you see Music Island open, maybe have a look at it. The only way to get here is by ship, so this is where you will arrive: at the little harbor of Music Island: f From there you can make your way across the harbor place into the village If you like to have a beer I recommend the Jonah & Whale pub in the village center, your host Music will be glad to serve you a beer: Or maybe you like to look for one of the lonely beaches located on m
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  15. JackPine

    wet women

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  24. Adara

    Your Mood

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  35. Adara

    Erotic Comics

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  36. Adara


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  38. Adara

    Say it with a Song

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  42. Adara

    Mood music

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  44. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5vxlaiBqHE
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