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Perfect song fit for 3dxChat

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So I was gonna put Treaty by Leonard Cohen here but my Boomer ass can't get it right.



Your humorous comment catching my attention… teasing me to take a peek.  :rolleyes: 


So, gave it a listen… though not my genre, nor a song i would have bumped into on my own,

one of many reasons i enjoy this forum... new music, felt its touch, the lyrics as real n poignant

as the stark melody is sad yet beautiful.


Feelings do not die as quickly as they can begin. 


Thanks for sharing, in return... here is the link  ;) 


Just copy n paste the entire https:addressdirectly into the post box.


https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=jm1qwDTF9t0 without my added "space" after the https:






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I just had to post this before it all gets totally forgotten about. Anyway who doesn't just love Tony Joe White, I mean like that voice .....................................................


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