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Muisc in the game


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NickyLove Just open pls or m3u file in any text editor and you will see a direct stream link.


MeiLing It seems that ogg does not work either.

Gizmo.. pls is a file-format (playlist).. not a stream-format (check: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PLS_(file_format) This can also contain any kind of media-source. This is the same for a M3U-format (check: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M3U , Both formats tell just a playlist-format and not a music-format, eg mp3; .ogg and so on.

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What Gizmo wrote it referred to the streams of https://www.internet-radio.com, which is used by a lot of people here.


Before the patch you could copy the m3u file of the desired station and input it directly into the radio in your room.

This does not work any more,

but if you open these m3u playlist files, you find the stream url, which you can input into your radio, and it works again.

So it's only one step more than before.

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Thanks Chilles but it does not seem to work. Anything after the / is not valid in the radio plugin. All is fine in browser but not in the in game radio.


In the Browser works this link formate but not in game?

Well maybe doesn't support the Music Plugin Update OGG-Vorbis  :huh: 


I will try it soon :)

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