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New Year 2016!

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Hey Folks, how goes it?


As 2016 is only a day or two away (Depending up on where you live in the world) We leave 2015 behind us and look towards to 2016!


I have a question for you all, what is it YOU personally are hoping to achieve, or what goals you are going to set yourself for the year 2016?


Myself, I am in the process of currently building a Music Studio, gonna cost a bit so buying it bit by bit and doing the beautiful math of Sound Acoustics. :D Going to get myself back into the swing of Music Production things, also got some projects lined up with some Indie Game companies on making Sound FX and Music for their projects.


I am also planning on finding myself a brand new apartment to live for a bit, be more independent.


So what is it YOU are hoping to achieve in 2016, comment below, I'm curious on what your guys ambitions, plans and objectives are going to be for 2016.


Kind Regards

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I wish my husband came up with a military army. I wish that my little daughter has learned to walk and talk) And I want to wish you all good health happiness and success in 2016)   I kiss and embrace all)    
Beautiful gentle song Raquel Welch Million Years BC for llFrenchTouchll    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW9DQopsy48
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In 2016 what do I wish for?


For the world: that people stop using religion as an excuse for hatred, division and murder... (I know, I know... it won't happen :()


For my friend: that her 12 year old daughter lives to see another Christmas - unlikely too :( :()


For me? Well... compared to the above two wishes... nothing really, except to keep my health. Nothing is more important.


Happy New Year to all! :)

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*raises glass* Here's to 2016 YOU SEXY BEAST!!!!!


I don't have plans for much to change in my life, at least I hope not. Things in my life are pretty much exactly what and where I want them to be.


I'm single in real, SO you never know what the future holds as in a man.... but not holding my breath!!!!!


Party in 2016 LIKE YOU OWN IT!!!!!


mmmuah, Love Primmy <3

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I have lots I need and want to work on pretty much the same as all the other years but I hope I can make a dent in it this new year.


My first wish I want to do is be a better mother to my two boys. I know they know I love them but I need to show it more.


My second wish is get my money in order and possibly look for a roommate. Money has been really tight even though I seem to keep finding 20 bucks a month to chill with you peeps in 3dx :).


My third is that I want to better myself quit being down all the time and letting things get to me and eat at me. All it does and ruin me and anyone that is close to me. You would think I would have this done with but no I'm a weak stubborn bull that change that needs to happen takes a long time for it to. I do know its a prob of mine and I do know I need to fix it. So lets hope I get it done. *crosses my fingers*.


I can never forget My last wish is for me to start eating healthier and exercise.


And I always wish the best for everyone friend or foe.


Happy New Year everyone

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I plan to sing perfect to myself in the mirror daily to remind myself that you cannot change perfection. Pretty pretty please.




I kid. I don't believe in resolutions any more so I will continue to goal set and do my best to attain those goals. A few goals: woosah more. If my business will not launch have a solid plan, domain, and site designed at least 50% for launch in 2017. Move some place without snow. Although I haven't seen any this year. Reconsider my views on marriage as per request (don't see my mind changing) which ties into woosah as I try to be less stubborn.

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I Wish what I always do Happiness to all, one day I hope to see this 


I plan to get my health under control and go back to Collage where I was 2 years ago and finish , as I was told 50 is the new 25 


Shit does that mean I'm actually 56? o.O

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Guest Dj Megalon

                                                THE TIME IS RUNNING TO GOAL AND I WISH YOU ALL A                                                                    




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hi everyone, 


I would just like to say happy new years to you all. Its only 4.5 hours until the new year here down under and yes i am home. My life merely revolves around 2 things that do not involve being to social so im home this evening. 


my resolutions for the new year would be to give up the crack pipe and prescription pills. Cut back on the alcohol intake, currently it can range from 1-6 bottles of Chardonnay a day (depending on the welfare payments and how long they last) Maybe down grading myself to the boxs of wine??? I really need a job, iv never worked a day in my life. Another thing is to finally get this weird skin condition iv got going on resolved as its geting really itchy and worse. But i know what u are all thinking 'girl its the crack' im a picker. But no its like warts cross bad sunburn so idk.  kinda gross. Also i would like to get over my fear of showing my boyfriend my abnormal vagina. I need a real confidence boost. My children destroyed it during child birth. Speaking of my final thing. To be a better mother and finally after 2 years get my kids out of the foster home they are currently in. 


I can do this!!!


Bring on 2016!!


woo hoo

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New Year's Day. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery. Today carve out a quiet interlude for yourself in which to dream, pen in hand and remember: only dreams give birth to change!!!

Soooo, wishing ya all @ 3DX a happy new year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come! And as I think about our friendships and how happy it has made me, I want to wish you all happiness in the year to come and I would just like to express how much joy you have given me and bro kyuss, and wish for your joy and happiness in return a freakn, fukn, great and awesome Happy New Year...


...and so for today:






and just incase after tonights parties u think:








live long and prosper my friends

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2015 was a really hard time in quite different ways.i hope 16 wont be as much.

I hope we all be healthy and able to smile,so we can make the same wish in a year from now :)

There are a few things to have in mind though.

First one is to be healthy and taking care of yourself,otherwise you wont be able to do the rest steps.

Second, Make plans,dont just wait dont just wish...HAVE PLANS and always look at where you want to reach,otherwise you will reach where you re looking at.

Third dont waste your time.Time passes for e veryone,Einstein,Pascal,Hawking,Newton,Beethoven,Piccaso-time for them was and is passing the same way it does for you,Do not waste it,do the great things so humanity will move forward.

And lastly..Always r emember this, You are here,you a re alive,stop crying,stop complaining and stop dramatize...Live your life,make adifference.a good one.



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