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Here we go again

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https://ibb.co/HzVdrMz   NEW SERVER 3DX

I pay the equivalent of £3.75 a month on the one year discounted deal.  That's about 3/4 of a single pint of beer in London, which is consumed in about 20 minutes, if that. Or, for the same price

and remember a few months ago after spending a lot of time offline due to repeated Ddos attacks. "New server, now everything is ok", this is the new server? users get tired of waiting in these conditi

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Using a VPN won't fix it .... I always use a VPN and it's still broken.  It's clear they are having server-side issues and the VPN suggestion is just a diversion.

Get your shit together Devs or sell the game off to someone who knows how to do dev-ops for a multiplayer Unity game and more importantly knows how to COMMUNICATE with their paying customers rather than silence or BS suggestions like "use a VPN". 

The fact that a player had to create a game-status page (https://3dxchat-status.com/) and not the 3dx Dev Team is just another indication of how behind the curve the Devs are.


- Robin



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7 minutes ago, jaytheboss14 said:

At least I try what did you I will tell you what you did nothing and at least me and ColinDude is try our best to contact support team

Dream on and write to the support if that calms you down..good luck 😎

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Just now, Eddie said:

I have the same Problem. Swichted off firewall and antyvirus program, tried VPN and still no connection .

I get this screen



or this one



with connection lost message

Same here unbelieveable , is a weekend thing , happens sooooooooooooooooooooooooo often !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 minute ago, Alliehotass said:

So ive logged on ONCE, played fo about 30 mins, got disconnected, tried to relog and "Too many attempts try again later" message ROFL WHAT A JOKE! and a weekend again, keep this lame service up Devs.

remeber when i made latest threads saying about all issues and how some quote the fk out of me saying the opposite and my facts arent facts hahaha 


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