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Welcome back everyone from the whole day of downtime due to the server datacentre having issues!


I was so tired last night and in need of a full night of sleep... yet this game is so friggin addictive that I knew that wouldn't happen. So I guess the down time was a good thing, feeling pretty peachy right now xD


Ohh sounds for 18h back to the roots,, with tube8, Porntube, & OMG Facebook :lol:

Good that I was sleep :lol:


greetings from "outside", hope u all had a very good sleep yesterday and hope to see ya ingame before spring again^^






sry guyz, all servers running again and the timewindow of "the door" now is gone and closed again




...so i guess:






hope the team @ sexgamedevil and the guyz @ the datacenter

will also get some sleep now^^




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