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Suburban neighborhood with Beach(*UPDATED 08.01.22*)


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I am not gonna lie a little too lazy to take a half dozen picture but going to put in minimum amount of effort to make a sorta overlook type screen shot that give a general idea, the place is suburban sim which 6 playable houses, 4 has slight more bedrooms than other two(partly due to trying to keep size down) and some decorative houses not all houses has been fleshed out in backyards so you're welcome to feel free to mod away. My main goal being to try make it look aesthetic while attempting to keep size within a reasonable size frame. 

Room primarily designed for home sim and roleplay but if you can find other uses for it knock yourself out.



























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Since a few of my friends really wanted the beach, I have made a public download updated version available with the beach on it. Slightly different beach version from one I sometime publicly host but very close, I also added a couple of picture since room is kinda big there not picture of every single house or rooms. But there 4 family unit houses and 2 single couple unit housing aside from the beach. Other houses are mostly for decorative purposes also mail boxes and house numbers been added for RP purposes.

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15 hours ago, Ann Takia said:

really nice and good work. Wish game would have allow us to own actual house in the game on the beach with our own plot.

Guessing you mean like premade world with beach, but where each user has their own house plot area they can do with what they want?

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Done remodelled version of the neighborhood so changed names and reuploaded, old version will have name NeighborhoodOLD and new NeighborhoodNEW in case you should prefer old over the new it will still be accessible. Changes to the new one road been removed, garden fences have been removed replaced with lower hedges and pathway between house gardens. The hallway in family unit houses been made less small and crammed, the rooms upstairs increase in size. Middle roofing is gone and some kitchen been reduced to create both more space but also to save in size. Lastly new version have 12 usable houses over 6 the old version had, new version is slightly bigger but not more than 150-200kb so should not make loading to rough on your PC.

A couple of pictures of some changes, below:





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  • TashaTight changed the title to Suburban neighborhood with Beach(*UPDATED with school*)

There a new version for neighborhood I promised some would try get up in the future, this version is similar to older one but it has added extra family unit housings compared to original that only had 3. File is in main OP at top in file list under same name as the picture preview. The new school probably be something I at some later point here.


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  • TashaTight changed the title to Suburban neighborhood with Beach(*UPDATED 08.01.22*)
  • 7 months later...
17 hours ago, Ushabti said:

Awesome build, I just may have to borrow it ;)

Thank you that is why I shared it 😉

16 hours ago, MistressBeryl said:

I like it, but so many roleplay rooms have come and go - not enough players tp get it alive or you get a big group of friends and play it private. I wish you the very best and hope you will be satisfied. Sorry for my bad english...

Yah is part reason I am not doing nearly as much building anymore, since I feel like interest for actual RP rooms feels declining to me. Have my ideas as to why that is but not going to make any huge rant post about it, my hope however is that we could get updates to profile system maybe with partner searches for RP. Could be with options to list some interest points for RP etc. It would make it easier to do rooms for select RP scenarios rather than much bigger public rooms, since it feels as if most prefer private RPs in PM etc. opposed to bigger group RPs for whatever reasons that may be. That feels like its my personal observations.

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Five, six months back, I was severely bored, and decided to make a "bat shit crazy" character based on an episode from my early twenties with me and a friend of mine after too much meth, to role play in what was left of the original abandoned Asylum. Think self cut hair, lipstick in the ears, the "square" college sweater, slippers and no underwear, all in a "have not been washed in ages" color scheme.

First I got yelled at for not using the correct colors. Then i got yelled at for not replying to pm`s fast enough. The fact I got well over 30 of them every minute apparently meant anything. It was a perfect example of the "me, myself and I" attitude that often occur in the game. As if I owed them something because they took the time to talk to me. That my character was only meant for them, and them alone, not a fun addition to match the room as a whole as I intended, so I understand well why so many have gone from larger groups to one on one instead.

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