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  1. i believe the hamsters have invaded the 3DX headquarters and are now marching on the mainframe. The world as you know it will soon end. I say we blame Ash.
  2. ugh. this seems so odd. RobT who can be the biggest butthead in game(said with love,kiss) is the one standing up for what is right. I must join him(and i am a bigger biatch). This should not be about Frenchie who did something nice for us.. Direct comments to 3DX. I agree if we vilify those who want to help then no one will help. Whether you like it or not it you should respect the effort and be polite to her. Have we fallen so far from decency we cant, at least, be civil in discussions? I am happy for any new content. I like the new dances. If you dont then that is ok. But if you came to my house( French not 3DX) and had a piece of pie and said."God this tastes like crap!" you would never be invited back. I agree. She does not need this vitrol laced attacks. And if you dont agree, come see me in game and we can have a civil (depending on my mood) discussion. Love, Darth Marshmallow Sith Overlord of the Clone Hamster Army Leader of the 501 Battalion Right Hand of the Emperor of the Galactic Empire
  3. There you have it. The ruling is sex allowed behind the bar if you are "professional". I am guessing that means you get paid for it. Does this apply to sex on the bar as well?
  4. Yes , SI. Get in the back of the bar on your knees. *giggles*
  5. Pay no attention to my wife, Natsumi. I will take her back to the bedroom,tie her down, put a ball gag in her mouth and paddle her tushie.
  6. I agree, completely. It doesnt appear there is much experimentation with the music selections around 3DX. Sin's music is ok but seems to be locked on one channel and having two clubs with the same music isnt the answer. What could it hurt? Give it a try. Just walk over to the console with the blinking lights and move the dial.
  7. Stand on one foot . Bark at the moon. Burn incense and remove all your clothes. Jump on top of me and chant. This won't help your subscription but I love it.
  8. Attacks Natsumi and covers her body with kisses....after I strip her naked.
  9. Oh my, is the DJ that hot girl who is sexy? I want her so much.....maybe she will notice me in the corner.
  10. I support Exstasy, though. Usually she is on top.
  11. xLisbethx

    Say Hello!

    I'm not danish but I do think Danishes taste good....especially with a nice cup of coffee.
  12. yup and SI never has sex either......
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