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  1. Ok quick update. I have been waiting for snail mail and having a bad feeling something was wrong. I lost or never received my account number required to log in online beyond making initial claim. I certified 28 weeks of paper "did you work" forms but i guess that went to feds for pandemic or just got lost or just so backed up they never got them yet. So I find a phone number specifically for getting your account number and after 26 minute wait I got that. I login to UI_Online and find 28 plus weeks "To be certified" with 10/4/2020 to be considered as not done in a timely fashion and I would have lost 20 grand. Now all those weeks are now listed as paid and I'm sighing in big relief. Conclusion: follow up online don't rely on what they tell you cause they are all screwed up. Stay Tuned, Nancy Pelosi is asking the house to stay in session until Phase 3 Pandemic relief is passed.
  2. Words are worth 1000 pictures. My mouth is a direct unfiltered portal to my brain. Its always right till proven wrong then it just shrugs and changes its data storage. I know, its a curse and a blessing. So what do you want to talk about? What you are against is decades of porn site Genre and it gets much much worse. Insest, Nazi uniforms. So while you can take the Virtual out of the porn site you cant take the porn site out of the virtual. Blathering idiotocracies. I know that's all I have left. With BDSM a seeming favorite of the site owner "Rape a dope Island" is just a hop skip and jump away. Maybe we interpret the TOS different. Regardless half the mystery is solved and I have the momentum going forward but probably wont. I've taken on a new challenge of being a Uniter and not a Devider. Wish me luck. haha --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3D BDSM comics By Gizmo, April 8, 2019 in Virtual Sex Market Report post Posted April 8, 2019 Check out a good content created by our friends: bdsm.gif Fabulous collection of exquisite 3d bdsm comics showing the thrilling things that people are ready to do to feel the desired satisfaction! The series will blow your mind with unbelievably hot babes and sexual pleasures that they are doomed to experience! Click Here to visit 3D BDSM Vault femdom3d.gif Femdom 3D shows an incredible 3D PORN in the female domination niche! Sexy, powerful mistresses and helpless slaves in the hottest 3D comics! Click Here to visit Femdom 3D smut.gif All sorts of 3D sex stories, wild scenarios, pretty models and uncensored 3D fuck feasts! Click Here to visit Ultimate 3D Smut spank.gif Spanking, caning, whipping fantasy picture stories. Enjoy hot red bottoms in 3D!
  3. problem#1 Can only login to the forums after clicking lost password then jumping from the create a new password page. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Problem#2 Got booted then blocked for 3 failed attempts to get back in game
  4. What about the black woman that freaks out because she sees BDSM slaves and starts giving you history lessons on how her ancestors blah blah blah OMG what are you gonna do? What can you do? Run, that's my advice. I'm not into BDSM but i have explored it and understand the sexual additive. Get yourself a very broken English, Eastern European Master or Mistress to dominate the hell out of you....Can I trade the Rape Room in for that? Bottom line is this. Controversial issue get discussed we have done that. Our job is done. Now its up to staff to make a ruling with their explanation or opinion. Its not our Rodeo It's theirs
  5. First things first. About me Perma banned from RLC forums for sticking up for a woman who was brutally attacked for a simple statement that she was waiting to adopt. Apparently this implies white racism and pro life and flames coming out his mouth, eyes and ears. So by the time I told him how I felt about his psychic abilities to spot racists I was banned for the racial slur "Nappy haired little kid". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back around the time Covid19 was introduced (feb) I began to fatigue easily. August 1 I just began to fatigue doing nothing. With my last dying breath I call 911. With none of the flu like symptoms and testing negative I had all the complication symptoms normally associated associated with it. Blood had no hemoglobin, the blood carrying platelets and was infected shutting down heart, liver, kidneys, gave me pneumonia, high blood pressure, Diabetes. Did I miss anything? Six units of new blood all the numbers come back and one by one each doctor in charge of each system function dropped with a "Your fine". They refused any possibility it could have been covid19 aftermath and the antibody test (the test to determine if you have ever been exposed to it) has been pulled from all medical centers shelves. They are hiding something that's for sure. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last week my county was issued an evacuation warning. I took off for a few days but they seem to be getting a handle on my side. Lower west side of the creek fire so I am back home now. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What about the Money. Snoozer's will be looser's. For U.S. residents who can look the federal government in the eye and say "I am not earning as much or at all because of the Pandemic can claim a very large chunk of change. This is because relief is retro going back to when the Cares act was signed at least it was for me. Because of the way Unemployment or UI claims are figured, they go back 18 months. 18 months put you now just past the signing of the Cares Act. Simplified translation file now and receive 20k for every week you don't file that amount will be lowered by $600 a week or $2,400 pr month. But Kesha I was paid cash or self employed. All the normal disqualifiers have been lifted. All claims are self certified. You don't even have to look for work. It says so right in your award confirmation. Being in California I may be at an advantage because they want high unemployment numbers. OK now thats just the begining. you will continue to receive 11 more weeks @ $767 dropping to 567 in December at wich time you can file and extention for 11 more weeks at $467. These numbers are based on the very minimum $167 Reg amount. For you this could be much higher. We're not done yet. Did you get your $1200 stimulus. If you did not file a 2019 Fed tax return you did not receive it. So file it. Even if your income was $0 then say hello $1200. I hope I made you all extremely wealthy. I plan to to spend smarty buying a van and doing garage sale to swap meet gigs Become an antique architect. I'm good at buying stuff. A curse and a blessing. 🙂
  6. I don't have an argument because I don't care. If you wanna shut down their little operation, knock yourselves out. What I do have is an opinion. And in my opinion Surviving Covid19, Surviving California Wild fire evacuations, Surviving the helping of young people who totaled their car in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, Surviving the never ending echo of Group Think. If I can handle that, I think I can handle Rape a Dope Alley.
  7. Ebstien Island would attract petiphiles yes. Rape ally will attract rapists no. What kind of a rapist wants a willing partner thats just stupid. I had a home invasion and i ran like hell butthat doesn't detour arousing thoughts of it in a safe environment. Sex with fear is good sex for an adrenaline addict, thrill seeker crazy B. You wholesome lady's bubbling with virtue don't realize you share the internet with all types. You might not grab a skate board as your primary vehicle and a mohawk standard hair style. But were out there or here or Where am I? Not to go side hustle but the other sites been down 24 hrs. nights, weekends normal but never during normal business hrs. Just saying if they close on a dime this place will explode and they're basically just like you folks you'll get along great. meanwhile being fire evaced i needed a comp and Costco delivered. Dell Inspiron 17 Laptop - 10th Gen Intel Core i7-1065G7 - GeForce MX230 - 1080p Item #******* $ 999.99
  8. Actually its a role play fantasy. Married people often do it to spice up a dull routine. Just like a BDSM sex slave has nothing to do with Black slavery your all faking outrage. Playing Grand Theft Auto and stealing a car in real life have nothing in common. Name it Epstein Island then you'll have a legit bitch. That would be implying under age but advertised as consenting adults...nothing burger :)
  9. By who you? Adding an edit: I endorse watching them on cable basic stupid humor stuff. The web site seems to be a nothing burger. I hate to use the word scam because you do get to tell your friends you own virtual property affiliated with some porn star or cable sit com star but a real nothing burger beyond that. I guess block chain will eventually suck us all in to a massive global virtual world simulating all the features of real world
  10. I'm a more person, My avatar is super hot. The clubs and the music is jumping. The sex is carnal, raw great animations. But. Ummm. It's really kinda hard to say I'm just not intuit right now. I mean the sex part. After a near death experience from Covid type symptoms I want skin on skin, flesh on flesh rolling in the brand new Walmart bed sheets sex. But where you gonna find that sheltered in place Haha. I mean no offense just trying to shed some light. To me nobody is doing it better than 3dxchat but that's all there is sex and its only mind fucking and some deco but no user creates for profit. My second love which is money. US residents really need to look at cares act UI. It like Ed McMann came to my door with a hand full of balloons. Dont get me wrong im coming in right now for some music and maybe conversation and to be honest might even end up doing the dirty I mean I have every other time. This is very confusing and conflicting. Bottom line it I dont want to come in and be the prude or spend my time explaining why I dont wanna F***. Maybe 3DXChat is just too carnal IDK Late's Kesha 🙂
  11. Haha! https://www.fxxx.io/news/ea740a02b68f/ Disclaimer: This is not spam or an endorsement To buy or join the above site.
  12. Sorry for the consecutive posts and this is going to be a bit off topic, but with the recent DDOS attacks and the securing of pic files in layouts there is a server configuration script call redirect based on user agent. This means pic URLs used in layouts would only work in 3DXChat not in a browser eliminating theft but this also may have been able to have been used in the recent DDOS attacks. The hacker would be trying to connect from his brute force app and would be denied or redirected not having the proper client. This is also used for web pages that are phone friendly. The server redirects to the phone friendly web pages base on user agent that is a phone. Just tech stuff for Gizmo to be aware of. I have actually done it myself for pic hosting.
  13. In virtual worlds where DJ's play at clubs and clubs compete for most popular DDOSing the DJ is common. More experienced DJ's have they protections in place.
  14. IP addresses flow through the data stream like nobody's business. You look at a pic a log is created with every IP that viewed that pic. Someone posts a pic that doesn't exist , an error log is created for every iP that saw nothing. So if this guy is just reading the data stream or has a program listing IPs then he can connect you to your IP. So the dangers of this are he could DDOS attack you. Most can defend this by resetting your router and receiving a new IP address number. Most people have this type of set up. Another danger is he can narrow your residency down to a region smaller than your State. So some really crazy nut could try and find you but that's a long shot maybe with addition info. Conclusion IP addresses are a dime a dozon and really only meet the classification of personal info if they are attached to your username. If all your router lights are on but you cant seem to connect to the internet it might be a DDOS attack. Just unpug your modem or router and plug t back in for a new assigned IP address number.
  15. Was this a feature you had pushed for? If so how they say Kudos?
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