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37 Orcs, Ogres and Hulks at a Party.


7th November




  1. Astartes
  2. AdonisNL
  3. Bbconly
  4. BabyJ
  5. Chaostika
  6. CarpatianWolf
  7. Duplax
  8. Elvis
  9. Enfete
  10. EvaGreen
  11. Flash
  12. ForOnlyOne
  13. Greywind
  14. Kassia
  15. Kimbaley
  16. SallyBlue
  17.  jackblue eyes
  18. Julette
  19. Kito
  20. Laguna
  21. Meery
  22. Skelefriend
  23. Tochirmo
  24. Hammich
  25. Hudson
  26. Concerto
  27. MorenoLore
  28. Mysterico
  29. Bbfuckxx
  30. Wolfblade
  31. Littlebaby
  32. rouge
  33. SimonX
  34. Silverfox
  35. SamCro
  36. StephenA
  37. Yasmee


only people who wore had green skin are listed.

If you were in green and I missed you I'm sorry.

Some of you left before screenshot could be taken so you could not go on list.

All records must be verified by screenshots.

Thank you to everyone who came, especially those in green. :D 




The Gifs on this page were made by the creator of


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22 in Iceberg Cave, Love Island


Only 21 names appear as Usher (aka Kito) was too busy capturing the shot, therefor his name doesn't show


Thank you to all who joined in, even if you couldn't stay or arrived late for the record number. We hope you all spoke to someone new and had fun.



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