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We have a Gratitude Topic which is very nice so let's have a Happy one. It's different but the goal is also similar. To send out happy vibes. Positive stuff.


The rules of this topic:


1. Post something that you are truly happy about with a good heart.

2. Being happy about someone else's dis-fortunate is NOT acceptable and it will pretty much just describe the poster him/herself in a bad light. Don't do it!

3. Your happiness you post about can be about anything or anyone (with #1 and #2 points in mind) 3DXChat related or RL.

4. You can post happy gifs and pictures and most certainly can post something that makes others feel good, smile, or laugh.





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I'm happy because a business deal I proposed in RL has gone through and succeeded.

I am super happy that my website, https://jbheat.com is finished and running well.

I'm very happy to have someone in 3DXChat that makes me feel good and perhaps has me considering to renew my monthly subscription to stick around longer. :)

And I'm happy that God forgives my short comings.

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Happy it’s holiday weather and I’m basking in glorious sunshine.

Happy that I’m well and life is good generally.

Just bloody happy and contented :)

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I am happy and over the moon that JasonWilde and I have managed the rare thing of being together in 3DX for 2 years.post-17772-0-55353400-1546451802_thumb.jpg


post-17772-0-19836700-1546450598_thumb.jpgOn December the 8th of 2016 I met him with the help of our mutual friend Sabrinna. post-17772-0-50904500-1546451740_thumb.jpg

It was Fate, Kismet. We fell in love almost at first sight, knowing something rare had happened that day on Love Island when we were introduced. post-17772-0-01291800-1546451581_thumb.jpg


A year later we were still together  and he popped the question of would I consent to marrying him in the Club, the Edge in November. I said yes,  we created our Alternate Avatars , named JaredMasters and JasmineMasters. preparing for our wedding to each other. We got engaged and then, not quite a month later we Married on our Anniversary of the day we met, December 2017.post-17772-0-62599700-1546450384_thumb.png


My Avatar Trisa, Became WildHoney, more fitting to my love JasonWilde making us BOTH Wild ones :Ppost-17772-0-38834000-1546452070_thumb.jpg



This December 8th, of 2018, he and I along with many of our closest friends and family gathered in the room that RobFrostwalker had made for our Marriage the year before. With some Help from him the room was UPDATED with the new world editor and the party we had was so wonderful. Truly I became the Luckiest Woman in the world the day we became One in marriage and we are both still very much in love with each other. post-17772-0-13937300-1546450542_thumb.jpg


And we have so much love that we celebrated our union with Family and friends. post-17772-0-72502300-1546450356_thumb.png


Happy? Happy is not even close to what I feel but it will have to do, as that is the "theme" of this thread :)



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