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Thank you so much Tlaera & Vaughan!



As a writer and a person who tries hard to learn to be better I wrote this following set of verses about Life and Love:

I feel it really expresses what it takes to keep a relationship and or Marriage alive, fresh and enduring:







  Love is the Key, Love is the answer. Haters will hate.


But love will conquer the day. Love heals, Love mends,


and love endures. When all else fails, let go of your


doubts. If the Love is true. It will always prevail.  If you


let someone go and they come back to you, then they are


  "yours". But if you let go for a time, take a break and


they don't return, they were not really yours. Love is not


easy. True, unconditional love means you accept each


others flaws as well as all the good things. You fight for


each other. You fight to keep things going. You fight with


your heart to keep love as the focus. And when problems


come, you fight to find solutions "together." There are


always people that will hate to see others happy. They


will say and do things to part you from that love you hold


dear. But don't let that happen. FIGHT to find the truth.


HOLD ON TIGHT to that love. Don't let anyone separate


you. When things seem the darkest, hold on. Have Faith


in that love, and it will see you though. We are not in this


life, to fail. We are here to learn, from the good and the


not so good things. We learn from our mistakes. Or at


least that is why we might make them. To learn. To Grow.


To become better from them and increase the skills in


dealing with issues or problems. In many years of ups


and downs, this is what I find to be true. BE true to


yourself.   Be real.   Be Kind. Be considerate of others.


And yes, ignore the bad behaviors if you can. Things do


improve if you believe that they can.



The Power of Love, Of Hope, Of Powerful positive


thoughts, is more than we even realize. Take heart.


Forgive yourself. Forgive others. That is the path to


true, enduring and lasting happiness.




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