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Saving body and clothes separately


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I miss the possibility to save body and clothes separately so much. I have saved a lot of avatars with different outfit. When i chose to change something about my body, i need to change the same things for every saved avatar. Would be so much easier, if i could load body and clothes separately, ie "load x.body" and load "y.clothes".

I hope the devs follows this forum  :) 

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I do like that we can customize character and outfits more and more but the more it become the more the devs should prioritize this feature in my opinion.
Frustrating when you do little changes on your avi and the whole outfits are not useable anymore.
I at least loves all the features but i stopped to do new outfits cause i don't wanna spend hours with copying my already created combinations by guessing just because i wanna change a tiny thing.
It's very demotivating and holds me back hard.

Would be also very time saving and enjoying when people could share their outfits with each other especially for beginners which wanna test the game fast and not spend hours in avi editor.
A new way of community content sharing would be born what is always nice and gives the game a fresh touch and highers the quality itself massively.

When i would be a dev i would give it high priority before doing any new sliders or other customizations also when developing time is maybe increased because of the already existing possibilities.
I have no doubts that the devs have it on their roadmap already but maybe in wrong order.
Maybe it's easier to implement at the end after all things are developed which devs wanna add but when this takes another 1-2 years until this feature will come it will be way too late imo.

Added: And can you please add to the material system that people can see which material they have selected? Highlight it with a green border or something.



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