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After a "Grand Opening", you will never ever see the respective location being opened again.

Only exception from rule #1 is when there are additional "Grand Openings" for the same location. (also called DomMac's law)

People who write "don't cold me" in their profiles are quite naive. How else would they get the idea that colders would read profiles before colding?

Those who complain the most about "Pose Clickers" in their profiles also complain the loudest that there are no new poses with every update.

The bigger the breasts of an ava, the better the chances that a real surprise is hidden under the virtual skirt.

Deal with people who have "no drama!" written in their profile and drama is 95% guaranteed! You want to have fun? Then avoid people who have "Only here for fun" in their profiles at all costs.

No serious virtual slut will have the word "Slut" in the avatar name. The same goes for the terms "Teen", "BBC", "Dom" and "DJ". For example, "DJTeenslut" is therefore neither Teen nor Slut and least of all DJ.

In 3dx a blowjob lasts 2 hours and eternal love lasts 2 weeks. This is called the 3dx time distortion.

The law of inverse sexual proportionality says: The more terms like "gangbang", "fuck", "orgy" appear in a room name, the lower the probability that there are gangbangs, orgies or sex at all. This rule can be combined with the Capital-letters-assumption: The more capital letters in a room name, the less the chances for some sexual fun.

A derivation of the axiom of 3dx time distortion combined with Bob's assumption (#11) leads to the rule of semantic ambiguity. It states that the expressions

  1. I will do immediately....
  2. I will always...." (love you / hate you / fuck you / ...) 
  3. I will never...." (leave you / betray you / fuck he,she, it again / ... )
  4. I will be back soon...

usually have these true meanings:

  1. ...withing the next 3 days, if at all
  2. ...at least for the next 3 days
  3. ...at least not in the next 3 days
  4. ...within the next 3 days, if at all..

Bob's assumption: Meet, fuck, fall in love, swear oath of undying love and loyalty, marry, betrayal, drama and breakup are more a thing of 3 days than 2 weeks.



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Kemistry's personal No Bullshit! Policy

There are a lot of people who invest time and energy in order to create fun for others... DJs who prepare amazing sets, dance groups who practice their unique choreographies, builders who get the last out of the world editor, people who organize and  host RP groups or orgies or parties or whatever events, people who create movies or comics or stories or magazines, people who provide community discords, websites, tools.... 

All these people keep the game running and are responsible for a large part of the fun we all have in here. And they deserve attention and support and respect.

And then there are the others. I like to call them attention whores. People who e.g.

  • download full DJ sets from Youtube, press play and pretend to be "real" DJs
  • people who create whole dance groups of fake accounts only with the sole purpose to raise the visitor number of their locations
  • people who download several locations, glue them together and pretend to be "builder"
  • people who organize pitty parties and use their fake cancer or fake-whatever-illness to fill a location
  • people who found childish hacker gangs and try to destroy the fun of all others
  • people who are groupies and "very close friends" of childish hacker gangs in order to get attention and respect

just to name some of the most disgusting attention whore types.

And all these people deserve nothing. Perhaps contempt. Some of them a ban ofc. And that we call it what it is: BULLSHIT!

People keep telling me that I should just ignore these people. But I cannot. And I will not. Because if I accept their bullshit, then I dishonour the contributions of all the honest creators of "stuff". And I would also get an ulcerated stomach. So I stick to my policy. I will not support such people. I will not be friend of such people.

No bullshit!

(I copied this from another thread but also want to "save" it here because it is important part of my "chat wisdom".)

Edited by Kemistry
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