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Christmas Party 2014


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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Join 3DX Christmas party

December 25th, 21:00 GMT, Love Island




Get your 3DXChat account here :wub:



Thank You So Much for a Fantastic 2014


We cannot say it enough: without a great user community even the best game means nothing. We are so grateful to see how 3DXChat helps you to communicate with each other, have fun and build amazing relationships. 


We are grateful for your support, your creativity, your trust in 3DXChat: thank you.
Let's keep rocking in 2015! Happy Holidays!







3DXChat Holiday Season: Gift Cards & Discounted Price


Black Xmas Party

Party Intro (Youtube)  Screenshots by Shanti (Facebook)



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We cannot say it enough: without a great user community even the best game means nothing.



u couldnt have said it better^^ and i'm out of likes again and i just "started" lol




and we




for ur work, time, sweat, enthusiasm and most of all: your patience with us!

well, we have also patience with the devs....runs, ducks, and takes cover behind the guyz at the NC bar




roll on 2015

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Merry Chistmas & soon a Happy New Year

dear 3DXChat Community  :wub:




Was really a great Year with a lot of fun, great Parties, awesome Members and really nice Updates of our Developers Team!
I don't want miss a moment of this year but unfortunately, it is almost finished :(
No worry, when we have a bit luck, is 2015 coming soon, with more Partys, nice Updates, good Music, the same and awesome new Members :lol:


Enjoy the last moments of 2014 with family and friends or with us in 3DXChat :) 

I'll be there to the Party and re-spin the sets of the Black Xmas Party and I hope we have again so much fun :)






10738650.jpg 10745861.jpg


...also is then the Black Xmas set rework and ready!

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I was not there for long as I was spending the day with my family. But for the 20 mins I was there it was awesome. Was there for the dj changeover so got to hear a bit of both of those amazing guys.


Was there for the after party tho being pingus on the iceberg.



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Nice Meet you Ash.. 


Great party last nite... what's bout newyears eve??



hey adinda and harisiagian







to everyone beeing a part, or there and involved^^









chaos kyuss and tika




hey guyz, i felt like making a movie this afternoon after that mindblowing music and i cant even see all the hours of work in there for only hardly 3 minutes, lol! well, its not long and nothing special at all and once i used that software only for the maybe the 4th time, after the galactic sounds vid that was my first one with that software!! well, just dont have any high expertations!! just saying! besides that, i have a few mistakes in it, couldnt care less now, nuffffffff^^ but i think, it still can show a little more than a screenshot, what a blast we had yesterday on love island with chilli and ash! ur tika was exhaused and slept most of the time, so bro kyuss had a lot of time to dance and shake it, as i see now^^. again, this isnt anything special and just to show u guyz who missed it, what a night we had and ofc for our beloved devs, to show just like in the nightclub vid again, that maybe setting some different colours and lights on events sometimes ib the far future, can surley make a difference for an event!


edit: and yes, to fast with the mouse again, even in the vid and i hope, nobody got any cold invites, instead of a hug by mistake and yes, ingamesounds still to high again...i always tellm^^



fullscreen 1080p quali only on youtube direct, what else!!!
embedded it only shows in 720p here ;)







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