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  1. Give it to the bigots to focus on wording and not the real issue.
  2. It's 2017. Get out from under your rock. And the point is that it changes the body type of your avatar, which other positions don't seem to do afaik.
  3. I use the DLL, replaced it with the original and had no problems with the patch. So if people are having problems, it's not because of the DLL (assuming they did put the original back before patching).
  4. I dealt with it pretty well.
  5. This is a complicated topic that I don't think many of the people responding actually understand. Future technology is something people always struggle with. If you were to tell people they'd be carrying tiny flat PC's in their pockets back in the 90's they'd look at you like you were crazy. Even today people still don't understand how self-driving cars and Amazon's drones are going to affect the future. That said, I believe it will be a very long time until anything "replaces" real sex. A lot of it depends on other future technologies. Ever seen Sword Art Online? Once we're able to actually enter virtual worlds ourselves (instead of being represented by an avatar) that's when things will change. When you can physically touch, feel, etc. people in the virtual world then it makes no difference whether you're in reality or not. Though I don't think "touch feedback" will be enough, so it will take many many iterations of VR before anything gets good enough for this.
  6. Kaitlee

    Involved or not?

    And some people never learn it.
  7. Disorder | Rating ParanoidDisorder | Low SchizoidDisorder | Low SchizotypalDisorder | Low AntisocialDisorder | Moderate BorderlineDisorder | Low HistrionicDisorder | Moderate NarcissisticDisorder | Moderate AvoidantDisorder | Low DependentDisorder | Low Obsessive-CompulsiveDisorder | Moderate Huh, neat.
  8. Never. It's the one thing that keeps us better than Second Life. Yiff in hell!
  9. Seems like the perfect time to add assless chaps!
  10. I like it! But it might be because it makes me think of Westworld, haha.
  11. Looking forward to a year of this crazy place!
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