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  1. Meet me in Sin and I'll give you some love where you least expect it. ..... "WHEN"! I MEANT "WHEN"!!!!!
  2. Reds

    Involved or not?

    I think that like real life, with great reward comes great risk... if you're involved and on a massive high with someone, it's probably good to bear in mind that it's really going to suck if it blows up in your face. Of course, sometimes it doesn't blow up, and you really need to appreciate that situation. Now excuse me while I go wash all this soot off my face.
  3. In fairness, I think Booya came up with the name because I was sitting and sulking one day. So take it up with her dammit! Also, I don't know hammich but....... ours is better!
  4. *colds Mulan* Don't look at me like that... I checked your profile and everything!
  5. I get colds rarely and repeat-colders (ie, annoying people) are really rare, I've only encountered a handful. If someone random hugs me, I don't particularly care, I usually don't know what my avi is doing anyway because I'm chatting. I've even had a couple of people PM me and apologise for accidentally hugging me..... which was the first I had heard of the matter.
  6. Reds

    Mulan's Musings

    Aw.... Mulan! I think we'll have to end all future Sitty Down Club meetings with simultaneous Dance 13.... it was like kicking a hornet's nest A very, very, very dumb hornet's nest.
  7. She should really consider face modelling then. I'll show myself the door.
  8. Betty is always there when I call her...... kinda makes me wonder where she spends her spare time. *shivers*
  9. Um Chloe…… that outfit is all kinds of epic.
  10. Reds

    Mulan's Musings

    I'll be happy to wear a hat although everyone might mistake me for Lishy Actually, no they won't…. cos I'll have clothes on.
  11. An initial "Hi" is just fine by me, it's what comes after that is of importance. Are you a male avatar? If so, general consensus is that people PM you less than if you are a female avatar. In any case, you probably won't be overflowing with PMs initially so don't be concerned. If you find a room with local chat and you are comfortable joining in, go for it, as local chatters are generally very appreciative and will generally be welcoming if you are new.
  12. I have a pet brick that loves swimming, feel free to take it with you on your next dive will!
  13. OK, I'm having trouble expessing how I feel towards you all right now.... so obviously I'll do it with an overused meme instead. Edit: actually, on reflection....
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