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  1. this is just sad harasmenf for unfriending them



    futamom is hate harassing me in local chat for unfriending  and entering her room and placing her on ignore liss


  3. Dear Gizmo ,   I can't connect to the game after the 421th plugin, but my friends say they are connecting and playing. Please help or an answer please.
    Will come in a new add-on?  Should i wait for next patch ?

  4. hello my friend delete her avi she did not save back up now she tells me she needs 10000 gold make new one is there a way for her to get her old avi back with out paying her character LissySBA

  5. Hi Gizmo ,

    One question is there another DDOS attack or the game just doesnt wanna let me in xD

    1. zigzag


      games up for me


  6. Hi Gizmo,

    I have been logging into the game many times but no changes about my profile, its lost. I cant get in to my world and my golds were zero. Everything was lost. until now its still the same.


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    2. Loveluscious


      yes thats true .my husband did open the game have his profile and everything but mine is not working.


    3. hello


      Lisa said the situation has been fixed and will be returned 15 days for lost play time

      But the game still doesn't work. some people the game work. I do not understand.

    4. Loveluscious


      I hope they can fix our problem right away because its been how many days that the game was down and now my own profile and world.

  7. The server is stopped for a while. It will be back online soon.
  8. Aude

    Hello Gizmo,
    Just to say thank you, for re-establishing the game, and for working to make it playable again, I think it has a lot of customers who criticize when it doesn't work, but few thank you for your work. have returned to service despite the attacks :)

  9. Dear Gizmo, When I logg in the game after the last 421. patch, it opens until the character appears. but the connection is broken within 1 second. I deleted the game 2 times and loaded it again, but the same problem continues

  10. it seems to me that you did not understand anything I would have opened a brand new server and after barely 8 hours a new attack I already said explain where it came from but no it's not true I tell nonsense.

    the first thing I did when I got to the server was to go to the fresco and I see my big surprise sitting at the bar someone who theoretically should always be banned since he was in the past for already hack the server Mr. Lussian so for your attack you can say a very big thank you and his friends also OOFGANG

    since you have to put the dots on the i so do the cleaning among the players does apple skin it contains several worms

    but no it's true we only talk nonsense so think a little about who profits from the crime

    ask yourself how the other pirate game ends up with things that have appeared on the server recently apparently you don't seem to care so don't come complain about who is attacking again

  11. Hi, so I figured its not your fault the game is down so there's not even a point to take it out on you. Instead maybe if we  offered ideas, suggestions or some kind of assistance it may help the tech team resolve the problem much more quickly. Here's something that may help you guys or it may not but it cant hurt. <iframe title="vimeo-player" src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/368401465" width="640" height="365" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    DNS Monitoring Use Cases

    In this handbook, they discuss scenarios that disrupt DNS performance and how Catchpoint equips you with the right tools to prevent and mitigate DNS related issues impacting your application.

    This handbook covers topics including:

    • Mitigating DDoS Attacks
    • Implementing a multi-CDN strategy
    • Monitoring DNS configuration

    DDOS_COMPUTER_HANDBOOKpdf.pdf 5.39 MB · 0 downloads

  12. Hello, Thanks for your message. Most likely, this is not the fault of the hosting company, but of those people who bought hosting services and used it for spam. In the current DDoS attack on us, many IP addresses of Amazon and Google Cloud are used.
  13. The server is stopped for a while.
  14. Seriously?  Radio Silence??  Some Feedback would be nice.

  15. Hello 3DX Administration,

    I noticed something weird with a band called the "OFFGANG" in one room:
    - they have a lot of characters created (8 at the same time with the same pictures, same number of gifts and same movements, like clones)
    - 2 of them use the same name "WARNING". So there is no server level verification to prevent this from happening?

    Could you tell me if all this is normal? And if not, is there any reason to worry about the security of our confidential data?

    For more information, see the attached screenshots.

    Thank you in advance for your feedback,

    Yours sincerely,









    1. MistressFemke


      Hi Nobody,

      I can answer this one for you.. You can trick the server like they did here by using the l as capitile i so one has WARN(i)NG and one has WARN(l)NG..

      That is all nothing to be worried about..



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