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Black Xmas


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Fine !!! Darkstep/Dubstep it is, unless the majority wants something different !!!!


But.... you have to add a scary santa "ho ho ho ho" voice :D


Don't shout me always, again and again! I'm afraid of my mom, again and again :ph34r: :lol: :D

I know you are the first who sleep with this kind of music :P 


But, I'm happy also for other Ideas :wub:

Please no Trance or Progressive/Electro House Ideas, both is coming soon :)


The ho ho ho Voices ok, you wish is my command, when I can't find one, I'll drink a lot beer and speak self the HoHoHo xD



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I'm sending you a copy of the naughty list so far Ma'am Shanti...if you could just update for me as the evening goes on please ;)


...I probably can't go of course on account of my totally angelic behaviour all year...


I guess you'll all just have to make it worth the no presents from Santa...I mean...try and be good...sigh... ;)

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