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3DXChat Birthday Party


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This will be the second time I'm going to celebrate 3dxchat birthday. What is most interesting, the last time at 3dxchat birthday, we got a new location island with fireworks. The island was small, but we loved this island. Then after the big update, the island has changed and has become the way we see it now. Well, a new birthday and new island. I would like to wish our developers creativity, patience, new ideas and as often as possible to delight us with new interesting updates :)


And our community wish to do the same thing - talk, have fun, have sex, have parties, have drama (lol) ;):D


It's really hard to believe that we will celebrate the second birthday together Mike :D  


Happy Birthday 3DXChat community. I wish you all the best!!!


Little part from previous birthday


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I am so excited about this I am nearly wetting my pants, big new update, big party and fireworks.

Hmm what will I wear, something new and smexy, better go shopping. :D

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Omg, where is the time?

Sad, I was to the one year Birthday Party not there, I don't know why :(

This year I'll be there, I don't want miss this! :)



Was a great year full with nice updates of the Dev. Team, we had nice partys, lost and found a lot wonderful people & friends...
The last year in 3DXChat was always funny and interesting :)



Happy Birthday Developers and thank you very much for your hard work and this awesome Game!

Happy Birthday 3DXChat Community and friends :)

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All the team needs to take a breath to blow the candles... there is one more !!  :D


I've join on the end of april and i found a great community. The team is very careful about our expectations and does a great job !

So i wish you many birthdays ! 


I'm curious to see what will look like the New Love Island...  ;)

Can't wait for this birthday !!!



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Sounds like fun :)


Time runs fast in this 3DXchat world :D


2 years that brought people together with lots of love, friendships, relationships, laughs,  fights :P, anger, tears, weddings, reconciliations, new beginnings, ... and sex of course ha ha ha


Thanks for the memories !



There's sex in this game!!??

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The party hasnt even started yet but I really wanna kiss the entire Dev Team. TY TY TY for making such an amazing dating area.. Finally we can dine without sex shows... the cabin is unbelievably romantic... everything is just WOW.

I love it and cant wait for the party to start





PS. can we change the music... maybe something like Usher, Trey Songz and Keith Sweat... something sexy :D

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                                                            Happy Birtday 3DxChat Community, i wish you all the best and look forward for the

                                                                      next nicely Year! I am really charmed how the Community grows day by day

                                                                              and that you find here so many nicely People, Thanks for that!


                                                             Special thanks on the Dev Team for the hard work, nice Updates and this awesome

                                                                             Game! I am curious for the Big Party today and can't wait anymore!




                                                                                                    With best greetings from Germany


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