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3DXChat Birthday Party


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OMG :huh::blink:


That was not only a Birthday Party, that was a great fucking-awesome-epic master event Festival in 3D :wub:

Sooo thank you very much that I could be the DJ for this Night, was so great for me :)


Thank you very much to the Developers for this great Party, I love the new Love Island! The Fireworks and the flying light robots, the DJ Station and all other things, all are so perfect for the Island!

Thank you all for coming and be a part of this Event!


Sorry for the problem that a lot members can't listen the music :(

The Stream Server had a listener maximum of 150 ppl, we had never before more as 118 members in a map and I thought never that we break one day the listeners maximum :huh::o

I'll fix this with the Server!


Thank you FOO, Mom, Myster, Jowie & RaVer for the Screenshots, I love this so much, looks so great!



Damn, was this a great Night, I forget this never :wub:

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Oh ye, I agree with Achi (thank you for the great music DJ!)

What a perfect night!

I danced until my feet hurt, had a lot of fun, met my best friends and had sex... :wub:

Nothing more to ask for!

Thank you all, it's the people who make a party good. :P

Looking forward to the next one...



mee too, thx 4 everyone involved, there and or in me tonight!!

pixels like music wise and all u guyz out there in here

my feet too, and all my claws... till now....mietz mietz

meaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu rrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

lol and 9 frames in the beginning...just saying^^















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I am so terribly sorry I missed this, life and responsibilities and promises kept me from joining but I wanted to wish the good people that bring us 3DX a very happy 2nd year birthday and here is to many more of them. Cheers. Mikey.

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I had on Saturday a lot request for listen the first mix outside of the game :)

So here is the first Part of the first mix! Have fun with listening, it's free for listening, buying isn't needed!!!


Second Part of the mix is coming soon, If you want ;)


Much fun with listen and Thank you very much for the lot of compliments, Gifts, and very nice words! I'm sure without 3DXChat I'll never invest so much time in music or for mixes :wub: :)




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I hope this year too 3dx will celebrate his three years birthday.  I looking forward for a big party with many surprise.


I've really liked firework at the end of party.


I hope it will be more better this year with amazing things.

Wait and find out. ;)

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