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[Tutorial] Private Radio Stream Feature


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6 hours ago, Lynnie said:

Is this  article about shout cast still up to date on there prices? 

I think it's impossible to hold it up to date because the prices vary very often and we aren't the support for Hosting Providers 😅

FastCast4U for example lists now the Starter Package for FREE but I don't know what's include 🤔

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https://shoutca.st/ is the one I use and that ranges from free to £7.50 / €8,66 / $9.62 a month. Free is limited to 30 listeners and 96kbps though, I recommend the £3 plan or above.

https://geckohost.nz/shoutcast-plans/ is also a good one, ranges from $6 to $10 a month (New Zealand dollars I believe).

I am sure there are cheaper providers out there, I forget the one cheap / free host that is quite popular, but that was quite hit and miss with reliability. I have no problems with reliability and stability with Shoutca.st and Gecko, I know plenty of others here have had good experiences with them as well. I think as usual it is a case of you get what you pay for.

Also, these prices have stayed stable for a couple of years now. I don't see the prices going up much, it is a competitive market, so they keep their prices low while maintaining quality.

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On 10/24/2019 at 3:30 PM, Chilles said:

Without to see the Tutorials are similar settings possible too with WinAmp and DSP ☺️

Was also written somewhere in the past. At least are all sound media's able to stream in 3dxchat...

Thank you..from time to time I will stream a Little bit !

It helps me a lot all here !

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I need help!
I am using Gecko and it will not connect to 3dxChat when I put the link in the player. I am streaming and it is playing on their player/site...but nothing for 3dxChat. I don't know what to do or how to get it to work. Like I said...it is streaming fine....but the link they give me to the start page will not work and there is no direct link. I am super frustrated.

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For anyone using shoutcast, don't forget the "http://" when you put "streamingv2.shoutcast.com/mystream" into 3DX.
It only took my sleepy brain about an hour to remember how URLs work. fml

I went the Mixxx + Shoutcast route, and it was largely easy, except for one confusing bit I had to google about.
The login is 'admin' and the password format is "password:#streamID"

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I use ProppFrexx for my DJ Broadcasting and shoutcast server on a VPS provided by AIT. I highly recommend them customer service is amazing and prices very competitive and they also provide free bandwidth so it is perfect for a Music Stream Server.

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Hello, I need help...

I have the Pro version of VirtualDj 2021. I subscribed a standard plan by Centova Cast through Shoutcast. I start to broadcast 1 playlist on VirtualDj with Icecast without AutoDJ. My streaming server is online and operational and my stream has effectively an active source connection and is broadcasting audio (in the overview, I have all the list of the playing titles)...but when I copy-patse the link under my streaming server index page to the radio of 3dx, I haven't sound in the room...

Do u have a suggestion?
Well, in fact, I hear the sound of my playlist in my room but the other players don't...
Thanks 🙂
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